Keep your back, Lisa. The girl was helped to correct complex scoliosis

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Liza Malysheva from Armyansk will finally be able to sit in a wheelchair and will often take walks in the fresh air.

Due to the strongest chipping & shy; oz, tilting the girl's body to one side at 90 degrees, in recent months she was bedridden. There could be no question of any rehabilitation. Began trying & shy; lema with the work of internal organs. “ You put your daughter in a stroller, and a minute later she complains of pain, '' & ndash; said Lizin's mother. & nbsp;

Thanks to your help, the girl's spine was straightened and strengthened from the coccyx to the neck with metal structures, reducing the curvature angle to 45 degrees. This is a good result for such a complex scoliosis. The operation was successful, but at first Liza had to take shock doses of anesthetic. The last injection was made on the plane two weeks ago, when the Malyshevs were returning home. Soon it will be possible to go for walks. Liza is already sitting in her wheelchair and has even returned to classes with a teacher.

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