Western experts did not see Russia’s preparations for war with Ukraine

“Much ado about nothing”

Warnings by the US and Ukrainian intelligence services that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine are based on erroneous data. A number of Western military experts came to this conclusion. They believe that Washington and Kiev disseminated false information.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

For example, the German military expert Rudolf Guljaiev cited the following data on the WorldEconomy Telegram channel: “Most of the Russian troops“ stationed on the border with Ukraine ”are the armed forces that were permanently located in western Russia for many years … The rest of the troops were temporarily deployed in Belarus as part of the Zapad-21 exercises, which ended on September 16, that is, more than two months ago. ”

In his opinion, “an analysis of the terrain and the real capabilities of the Russian troops involved in this region shows that they are not capable of an offensive operation.” “So practically all statements by Ukrainian and American analysts about the imminent seizure of Ukraine by Russia can be described as“ a lot of ado about nothing, ”the expert concludes.

The analysis of the map of the deployment of Russian troops, which was provided to the American Military Times by the Ukrainian military. Dara Massikot, a specialist at the US research center RAND, pointed out an error in the designation of this map: the Ukrainian military designated the airborne troops of Belarus as part of the Russian Armed Forces.

Presumably, this was deliberately done by the Ukrainians in order to convince the United The states are in imminent danger for Ukraine.

Rudolf Gulyaev also commented on the statement of US Senator Mark Warner, who recently announced that the Kremlin is a direct threat to Europe, and Vladimir Putin's “dangerous game” would lead to the isolation of Russia from everything the world. According to the expert, the US intelligence service is not doing its job well enough if Senator Mark Warner makes such confident statements without any evidence.

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