Expert hinted at surprises for American F-35s from Russian air defense

“An invisible plane will shine on radar screens like a Christmas tree”

American F-35 fighter, made using stealth technology , is able to solve the problem of eliminating the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems in the Crimea. Such a rather arrogant statement was made by the specialized foreign military edition “1945”. The MK expert disagrees with the conclusion of the foreign media.


“The F-35 fighter is able to dominate the battlefield. He is able to solve the strategic task of destroying the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems on the territory of Crimea '', & ndash; says the publication. In addition to superiority over Russian air defense systems, according to the American information resource, the fighter also poses a threat to the fighters of the Chinese Air Force.

F-35s can destroy Chinese fighters to plot a safe route for strategic bombers, including the B-52. The solution to this problem may be relevant over the South China Sea '', & ndash; said in the article.

Is the overseas winged fighter as good as he is “ painted '', said a military expert, editor of the newspaper Arsenal of the Fatherland; Alexey Leonkov.

& ndash; Obviously, the author decided to “ hyip '' a little. on this topic. Or the purpose of the publication is & ndash; propaganda that is not true. Let's remember what happened when Turkey got the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system. The Americans then had the opportunity to make sure once again that our complex sees their F-35, and sees at a fairly decent distance.

The Turks, by the way, demonstrated it to them. It was an export version of the S-400, and the one in service with our troops “ sees '' even further. There is such a provision that if an anti-aircraft missile system or system sees a target, then it can aim an anti-aircraft guided missile at this target.

Such our missiles are very maneuverable, they fly with large overloads and at speeds at which F -35 is not capable. Even if he tries to get away from an anti-aircraft guided missile, he simply will not succeed.

When the author writes “ destroy '', one must also remember that the S-400 long-range system is part of the air defense system. There are medium and short-range complexes that cover it.

Specifically, it is covered by Pantsir-S. And then there are other complexes that form our continuous echeloned air defense. These are long-range, medium and short-range complexes, such as the Buk and “ Tor '', which, if something happens, will provide protection for the S-400.

As soon as the F-35 releases something, it will shine on the radar screen like a Christmas tree. While the rocket from the fighter will make its way towards our anti-aircraft complex, the S-400 rocket will blow this plane to pieces. And the missile launched by the F-35 will be shot down by short-range complexes.

& ndash; When it was created, they abandoned the concept of highly maneuverable air combat, believing that stealth technology gave it an edge over other aircraft. But it turned out that highly maneuverable air combat remained in aviation tactics, and, moreover, aircraft weapons systems such as air-to-air missiles were also improved. For example, we have a short-range air-to-air missile that can even fire into the rear hemisphere. That is, the launched rocket will turn 180 degrees and hit the one sitting on the tail. At the same time, it is almost impossible to somehow influence it.

In addition, you still need to remember that in 2019, when the Accounts Chamber of the US Congress summed up the F-35, they counted over a hundred critical errors in its design, which could lead to an aircraft crash and the death of a pilot. And a few thousand more non-critical flaws. And these shortcomings have not been eliminated in two years. Moreover, the F-35 initially entered the troops with a fifty percent combat readiness. That is, it was brought to mind in the troops. The pilots had a lot of complaints about this aircraft related to overload resistance, & nbsp; operation of electronics, oxygen system. Shortcomings could lead to the death of the pilot in the air. When the plane climbed into the colder layers of the atmosphere, the oxygen system froze.

Another nuance: the coating, which supposedly makes it invisible. At a temperature of -35 degrees, if the plane flies at almost supersonic speed, it is simply ripped off the surface.

When there are so many shortcomings, the plane is called “ raw. '' He certainly would not have passed the military acceptance with us. The statement that the F-35 can do something is only suitable for countries that do not have the modern means of defense that we have. It is useless against Russia and China.


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