Russia decided to simplify the procedure for obtaining citizenship: the main nuances

The bill has already been submitted to the State Duma

The State Duma has received the bill “On the Citizenship of the Russian Federation”, introduced by the head of state Vladimir Putin. This document not only simplifies the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for a certain category of persons, but also prescribes the procedure for terminating Russian citizenship after committing certain crimes.

Photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The simplification of obtaining citizenship is that now the majority of applicants for Russian citizenship will not have to wait for the decision of the Commission on Citizenship under the President of the Russian Federation. For a number of people, this issue will be resolved through the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Who will be able to apply for the simplified path of entry into Russian citizenship? As the document says, “citizenship of the Russian Federation can be granted to persons who speak Russian, know the history of Russia and the basics of Russian legislation, undertake to comply with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and do not pose a threat to the security and law and order of the Russian Federation. This approach takes into account the need for a person applying for Russian citizenship to adapt to life in Russian society. ”

According to the simplified procedure, firstly, citizens of the former USSR and their children, who are participants in the state program to facilitate the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad to Russia, will go. We are also talking about people whose close relatives live in Russia and are its citizens. Moreover, this also applies to those whose relatives in a straight ascending line lived on the territory of the Russian Empire or the USSR (within the state border of modern Russia). All of them will not have to go through the procedure for being recognized as native speakers of the Russian language.

In addition, as stated in the explanatory note, “Russian citizens can be recognized: persons born on the territory of the Russian Federation (the territory of the RSFSR) before February 6, 1992; persons, at least one of whose parents on the birthday of such persons was a citizen of the former USSR and permanently resided in the territory of the Russian Federation (RSFSR); servicemen who took an oath of allegiance to the USSR or the Russian Federation and served as of February 6, 1992 in military units under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and located in the territories of other states. in their recognition as Russian citizens.

However, now the “investors and qualified specialists” do not belong to the people eligible for the simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship. Since experience has shown that the relevant provisions of the current law “were not in demand in practice.” The simplified procedure will not apply for foreign citizens and citizens who have married a Russian woman or a Russian – until they have common children. This was done in order to avoid the widespread nowadays fictitious marriages.

In this case, the President remains in charge of obtaining citizenship in an exceptional manner. For example, for persons with special services to Russia, and persons who are of interest to the country by virtue of their profession or qualifications. Also, in an exceptional manner, citizenship can be granted to WWII veterans who were citizens of the former USSR.

In addition to simplified adoption, the document also contains the possibility of “simplified exclusion” from citizenship for persons who have committed serious crimes. “Along with terrorist crimes, the list includes some serious crimes against the state, as well as crimes in the sphere of trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances,” the explanatory note says.


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