Tatarstan will give up the presidency soon, but not very

As the leadership of the State Council of the republic explains, this is not an easy task, and no matter how number one

The State Council of Tatarstan will amend the republican Constitution, renaming the president as the head of the republic, next year. But when exactly is not known. Chairman of the State Council Farid Mukhametshin said this at the final press conference.


The change, which the republic's leadership has long opposed, must be adopted in pursuance of the new federal law on the organization of public authority in the regions. But Farid Mukhametshin, without questioning this fact, nevertheless said, speaking about the timing of amendments to the republican legislation:

– Today I cannot say: we will finish in June, we will finish in May. In general, the work will be serious.

At the same time, he clarified that the questions about the president will be considered along with all the others, despite the fact that the adopted federal law “will require large and serious changes from Tatarstan.” And this big work has already started promptly: “the process of forming a working interdepartmental group has already started, which will have to deal with the changes”. Moreover, the group already has a leader – this is the Deputy Chairman of the State Council Marat Akhmetov.

We asked Konstantin Kalachev, head of the Political Expert Group, whether in this case we are really talking about solving some complex technical problems, or the game around the abolition of the post of the last republican president in Russia has simply entered a new phase. And, judging by his answer, not less than a six-month “transition period”, which is hinted at in Kazan, did not appear by accident. This is what the expert said:

– For Farid Mukhametshin and everyone else, this is not so much a technical story as related to preserving one's own face, about how to eat a fish and not soak your feet. And to fulfill the law on the organization of public power, and to show everyone that Tatarstan still has certain privileges. The point is that one wants to satisfy the federal center, saving face as people who defend, say, the remnants of the sovereignty obtained by Tatarstan in the 90s, a special place of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation. And about taking a transitional time, in order to move from a tough opposition to a position of power, to promote ourselves, showing: we were against, now we are for, but during this time the federal center gave us this, gave that. That is, six months have passed, and during this time we gave this away, but received this, and the republic has risen thanks to our wisdom and adherence to principles.

For that matter, the budget of the 22nd year in the republic is in deficit. And now in six months it can be proved that in fact federal programs work in relation to Tatarstan the way they do not work in relation to any other region, that “we are actually successful lobbyists and defenders of the interests of the republic, drivers of its development, therefore, one position, we get another. ”


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