Ukrainian women reacted to the authorities’ initiative to make them liable for military service

“What psychotropic drugs did you take?”

The news of the registration of women in Ukraine literally shook the Ukrainian society. Someone once again doubted the adequacy of the government (although it would seem that there is no doubt about it?). The majority of Ukrainians, as far as can be judged from social networks and even Ukrainian news releases, did not appreciate the initiative of the authorities.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The registration of women was established in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which entered into force on December 17. After some time, a petition was created on the Web for the abolition of this order. She has already gained over 25 thousand votes, so the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will have to consider it.

In the meantime, residents of Ukraine are actively expressing their attitude on social networks. Due to the restrictions of Roskomnadzor, most of the comments are not subject to publication in the open press. Ukrainians and Ukrainians did not regret obscene epithets addressed to the authors of the document.

So, a user with the nickname oksanakrot2 on Tiktok reacted violently to the military initiative: “ There is no one to give birth to and raise children with! Ukraine is dying out! You … are thinking with your own head, and you are sending women?! ''.

A 55-year-old woman under the nickname user796868252537 burst into an angry comment: “ … go and protect their wives and children with your body? Are they there ..? & Raquo;

User with the nickname “ Izya Patrenko '' ironically asks the authors of the initiative: “ What psychotropic drugs did you take? In which mental hospital are you registered? ''.

The user under the nickname Yuri Karabchuk is trying to reason more or less within a reasonable framework: “ There are military specialties and departments in universities, there is a contract service & ndash; It's enough. If personnel holes form, they can be filled by those men who are fit for non-combatant in wartime. What can be the military registration of all women? Are you completely crazy up there? '' So, the registration of women office workers does not bother some, but why register accountants on the military register & ndash; They do not understand.

Plus, outrage is caused by a fine for failure to appear at the military registration and enlistment office: “If you join the army or don’t, the state will earn extra money for you”, “ndash; sums up Tiktok user slaventsia.

Among the Ukrainian women interviewed by News One, many hope that “ we have enough men, '' and say that serving in the army & ndash; this is a man's work.

Advisor to the head of the President's Office Alexei Arestovich, apparently not understanding the essence of what is happening, on the air of the YouTube channel Vartovy Espreso; seriously stated that this is the implementation of the principle of “ gender equality ''.

Svetlana Lyubchenko, indignant at such a statement by the official, wrote sarcastically: “Excellent equality! Women in Ukraine still earn less; they still have the bulk of housework and children on their shoulders. It’s equality only in words! ” 0 people are against, thank you, dear deputies! It is strange that there are no children or old people on the list (for military registration. & Ndash; “ MK '' ) … how you love us & ndash; women, from whom you expect a solution to the problem of the demographic crisis. We wish you great health and happiness! I wonder where we will put the orphans, the boarding schools wanted to close it … ''

And, oddly enough, this proposal was supported by the Ukrainian analyst Alexander Kochetkov. He considered it expedient to put even children on the military register, since “ during mass shooting, the theory of probability will work, and bullets with shells will find the target. ''


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