Biden said that he “made it clear to Putin” about the consequences of Ukraine

Biden: I made it clear to Putin that Russia has no right to invade Ukraine During the talks, Biden told Putin that Russia “has no right to invade Ukraine,” and threatened with sanctions, the American president said. In response, Putin warned about the risk of a complete rupture of relations between countries

US President Joe Biden, during a conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, “ made it clear '' that Moscow has no right to invade Ukraine. This was stated by the American leader, retelling his conversation with the Russian president, Reuters reports.

During the talks, Biden told Putin that if Russia invades Ukraine, the West will impose sanctions. “ We will also in this case increase our [military] presence in Europe together with our NATO allies, '' & mdash; added by Biden (quoted by Bloomberg).

Negotiations between Putin and Biden took place the day before, on the night of December 30-31. During the conversation, they also discussed data from Western media that Russia is preparing an “ invasion '' to Ukraine (Politico and The Washington Post, in particular, wrote about the buildup of the military group). During the conversation, Biden warned Putin that if military action were taken against Ukraine, then “ drastic measures '' would follow. The Kremlin, in a report on the conversation, confirmed that the United States had threatened Russia with sanctions. However, Putin told Biden that “ this could lead to a complete breakdown in relations between our countries, '' said Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov.

After talks with Putin, the American president is also scheduled to speak with Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. On January 2, they are to discuss the 'build-up of Russia's military' on the border with Ukraine and diplomatic methods of resolving the situation, said a White House spokesman.

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