Zelensky on New Year told when the line will disappear in Donbass

Zelensky: ending the war in Donbass is my main goal In his New Year's address, the Ukrainian president said that his main goal is to end the war in eastern Ukraine. In December, Zelensky allowed a referendum on Donbass

The front in Donbass will disappear when “ we remove the line of demarcation in our heads. '' This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his New Year's address to the Ukrainians. His appeal was published in his Telegram.

In his congratulations, he said that he would like the neighbors to come “ to visit us '' with “ jellied meat and a bottle, and not with weapons and without knocking. '' “ And so that relatives come. And to come more often. From Donbass, from Crimea. But not to visit, but to ourselves, we returned home, because we are all & mdash; one family. Both Donbass and Crimea '', & mdash; he said.

“ And, unfortunately, we have not yet finished the war in the east of our state. And this is my main goal. This is why I say bye. Because next year will definitely be better! '' & Mdash; he added.

At the beginning of his address, he also indicated that he was going to talk “ not about what was done, but about those who did it. '' Therefore, during his appeal, he mentioned teachers, doctors, athletes, military men, designers and representatives of other professions.

A referendum may be held on the issue of Donbass in Ukraine, Zelensky said in December 2021. “ This is not a question of status. We can have this in life, it can be about Donbass, Crimea, maybe about ending the war in general, '', & mdash; he said.

Also, the Ukrainian president mentioned that another platform for negotiations with Russia may appear in Donbass “ thanks to the United States. '' Zelensky did not rule out the possibility of direct negotiations with Vladimir Putin.

The topic of a possible meeting between Putin and Zelensky in a public field began to be discussed in the spring of 2021. At first, Zelensky suggested organizing it “ anywhere in the Ukrainian Donbass. '' This, he said, was necessary to prevent the escalation of the conflict in the region. The Russian president, in turn, offered to come to Moscow for negotiations. After that Kiev offered to hold a meeting “ anywhere '' and 'anytime'.

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