Lil Wayne – Thought I Was Gonna Stop (Remix) lyrics

Lil Wayne

Thought I Was Gonna Stop (Remix) lyrics



2 Chainz,

Remy Ma,

Lil Wayne – Thought I Was Gonna Stop (Remix) lyrics

[Intro: Papoose]
Papoose, Papoose
[Verse 1: Papoose]
While y’all was on IG, I was in the Mase’
Drop-top, I be in that foreign like I’m Fivi’
Hustled in your building, and you couldn’t stop me
Like the homie Jim Jones, I be in the lobby
ni**a tried to hit me two times with the shotty
Missed me, I dodged both shots, Kyrie
Do it anywhere, having sex in the Bugatti
Nobody couldn’t see us cause the windows got foggy
Flames try to rob me, it’s gon’ be a homi’
I hope the president’ll pardon me, I’m sorry
Used to move like Billy the Kid, don’t try me
Young gun, I was a YG like Yo Gotti
This is the remix, I’m loading up three clips
I created the wave, now all of these rappers are seasick
Like Juicy J, I tell you to your face you can eat a dick
We can fight on the stage like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony/Three 6
[Interlude: 2 Chainz]
I would a put a hook right here (Yeah!)
But I’m finna snap on all y’all ni**as
[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
When you was on a Zoom call, I was at the pool hall
Crew tall, big ol’ nuts like blue balls
Who y’all? When I met the plug in the U-Haul
Draco like a pool stick, I don’t need a pool ball
Y’all ni**as lying but that’s nothing new to y’all
I don’t care if I call around lunch, it’s still a booty call
Trapping, I was too involved, the pistol still my bodyguard
Brooklyn, Hollygrove and College Park
I’m a star like the ceiling the in the R&R
Got a couple restaurants, we can go bar for bar
We can go (We can go) we can go (Yeah) hardy har’
I throw this paper tag at you from my foreign car
Pimping like I’m Mally Mall (Mm) really no thought at all
I got this, I got this b*tch hit from wall-to-wall
I ain’t been dabbin’ on the molly cause of fentanyl
You can ask these Cartier glasses, I done seen it all
[Interlude: 2 Chainz & Remy Ma]
Toni, yeah
2 Chainz (Rem’)
[Verse 3: Remy Ma]
While y’all was getting U-E, I was still U-P
On a Lil Yachty with my Migos like I’m QC
With my Lil Baby in peace, spending some QT
I been it, yes, the only Nas I heard is from QB
Used to shoot groupies, now I shoot movies
And try to stay away from the Mickey Mouses and Goofys
They rap like lil’ Paps, yep, they little pussies
I don’t care what I say out my mouth, Lil Boosie

I’m a New York City girl, keep a lil’ Uzi
And tell ni**as, “su*k my dick”, a lil’ juicy
I get busy, b*tch you can’t do me
Do I look like BBD, you hoochie groupie?
Thought I was gon’ stop cause all of these who*es popped
Should work for Amazon the way all of ’em throw box
These b*tches is all thots
And everything I do, they Rolex, Piguet and Patek, they all watch
[Verse 4: Busta Rhymes]
Yo, you don’t really want it fam, make you do the Running Man
And bag your b*tch, head she give was better in the Cullinan
Everything I touch, I make it hot until your color tanned
Hard of hearing ni**a, see the blicka make ya understand
Quick to see ya blow the money, sick about a hundred grand
Still the type to wrap a hundred grand in couple rubber band
‘Til you do the chillin’, send that message to his other man
So unfortunate that most you ni**as do not know the plan
While I pour this liquor, see the weapon in my other hand
Step in like a giant when you ni**as had the contraband
Damn, holy and sacred like the motherland
Making movies you been watching over like it’s on demand
Me on fire ’til they hot and tired and I bought a fan
Pffftt, a lot of water pouring out they glands
No permission I be in the kitchen with the pots and pans
Pap’, I got ’em, let me pop and put ‘em in a jam
[Verse 5: Lil Wayne]
While y’all been on TikTok, I been on B.I.G., Pac
Big Glock, it’s Alfred Hitchco*k, get your kid rocked
Silk shock a ni**a like P brother, tree lover
Fell in love with a b*tch, my b*tch just told me she love her
We run it, been running this sh*t, I can’t feel my legs
Your brother got them birds, have my ni**as come and steal his eggs
I be on a million meds, I can put your doctor on
Dana White diamonds on, stones look like a octagon
Can’t stop, fu*k you if you think not
The gun pop, the gun ring, you su*k it like a Ring Pop
Had to do my thing, Pap, had to let the snub blap
Riding ’til the wheels fall off, no hub cap
All this mud in my cup and I don’t need no mud flaps
I don’t need no hug, dap, I don’t need no rug rats
So she gon’ have to chug that
I’m like Tom Brady, still ballin’ where the Bucs at
Young Money, young man, YM

Lil Wayne – Thought I Was Gonna Stop (Remix) lyrics

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