Foreign Ministry published recommendations to Russians in Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that the Russians in Kazakhstan be careful amid the unrest Russians are advised to stay in hotels or places of stay and avoid crowded places

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that Russian citizens in Kazakhstan be careful amid the unrest in the country. This is stated in a message published on the Foreign Ministry's Telegram channel.

“ We recommend that Russian citizens be careful, refrain from visiting crowded places, stay in hotels/places of stay, follow the messages of foreign missions and the Russian Foreign Ministry '' ;, – the message says.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the situation around the diplomatic and consular missions remains calm, there is no information about the victims among Russian citizens in Kazakhstan.

There is no information yet on how many Russian citizens can be on the territory of Kazakhstan. As the executive director of ATOR, Maya Lomidze, told RBC, according to the latest information, there are no clients of tour operators in Kazakhstan. “ Perhaps there are independent tourists there. However, unfortunately, we do not have even approximate figures, '' she said.

According to the FSB border service, hundreds of thousands of Russians traveled to Kazakhstan every year before the pandemic, according to the FSB border service. For example, in 2019 more than 3.4 million Russian citizens visited this country. The overwhelming majority (about three million people) traveled to Kazakhstan for private purposes. There were 72.2 thousand tourists, almost the same – 72.3 thousand people indicated that they traveled for business purposes.

With the onset of the pandemic, the flow fell by almost four times. In 2020, Kazakhstan was visited by 864 thousand Russians. This year, from January to September, the border service recorded the trips of 566.3 thousand Russians to Kazakhstan. Compared to the same period before the pandemic in 2019, the flow fell by 79%, and compared to January-September 2020 – by 22.8%. Most Russians, as before, visit Kazakhstan for private purposes.

In the evening of January 5, a state of emergency was introduced throughout Kazakhstan. It provides for restrictions on movement, a ban on mass gatherings and strikes, and also allows law enforcement officers to conduct personal searches of citizens and inspect cars.

Protests in Kazakhstan continue for the fourth day. The reason was the sharp rise in prices for liquefied gas. The protests began in the west of the country and covered most of the regions. In Alma-Ata, the crowd seized the regional administration building, the presidential residence.

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