Sohu: Putin separated the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation, which caused panic in NATO


Order No. 374, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, is an ordinary internal Russian document. At first glance, it should not cause a public, let alone international, resonance. The document says that the Russian Northern Fleet is becoming an independent military-administrative unit.

However, according to military analysts from the Chinese newspaper Sohu, the order caused panic in the NATO command. They decided that the decree was a response to the bloc's attempts to deprive Moscow of strategic space and tighten the hostile ring around it.

“Western countries are trying to suppress Russia in various aspects of the economy, and also put military pressure on it,” expert opinion PolitRussia publication.

Analysts believe that the Northern Fleet is the largest and most efficient operational-tactical formation of the Russian Navy. Its separation as an independent unit strengthens its position and makes it even more powerful. Moreover, NATO forces in these latitudes are rather limited.

“The Russian Federation is going to strengthen the Northern Fleet with several new advanced nuclear submarines of the Borey class. The commissioning of these submarines will expand the country's capabilities in the north, “the Chinese experts said.

The alliance understands very well the threat it poses. If Russia continues to strengthen its military potential in the region, it will not be possible to contain it in the Arctic.

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