The Communist Party explained why sending Russian peacekeepers to Kazakhstan is justified

On January 6, the Collective Security Treaty Organization decided to send peacekeepers to Kazakhstan. The statement, which was sent to the organization, stressed that the republic's authorities regard the situation in the country as “an invasion of bandit formations trained from abroad.”

At the same time, the head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov stressed that The tasks of the CSTO peacekeepers will not include putting things in order in the cities of Kazakhstan, they will guard critical infrastructure.

In turn, the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Renat Suleimanov explained that such a dispatch of If the situation in this country was destabilized, the Russian Federation would have been in serious danger.

“Kazakhstan and Russia have the longest border. In the post-Soviet space, this was one of the few states where attempts to carry out” color “revolutions did not take place. an attempt to destabilize the situation in Kazakhstan will be no less painful for us than the situation in Ukraine, “the deputy noted, his words are quoted by the press -Service of the Communist Party.

Recall that the Russian Federation can send to Kazakhstan the Russian part of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces: it includes the 31st separate guards airborne assault brigade from Ulyanovsk and the 98th guards airborne division from Ivanovo .


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