Why did the Russian Navy need the Evpatiy Kolovrat icebreaker?

Why did you need a new icebreaker?

Equipping the Russian Navy with ships, icebreakers and support vessels is one of the priorities given Russia's active development of the Arctic zone. This is necessary for the normal functioning of the Northern Sea Route and hydrographic research in the Arctic. & Nbsp;

The Ministry of Defense especially emphasizes that equipping the Russian Navy with icebreaking ships and ice-class ships will be among the priority development goals in 2022 and in the short term. The implementation of the 21180M project, along with the commissioning of other icebreakers, will allow Russia to effectively protect its interests in the Arctic, experts say. The Russian Federation makes it clear that it will control the passage along the Northern Sea Route. Therefore, further development of military shipbuilding for the Arctic zone is planned.

Icebreakers will also be engaged in scientific research, this is necessary given the vast geography of the Russian naval presence in the World Ocean.

At what stage is the introduction of the icebreaker?

Construction of Evpatiy Kolovrat; started in December 2018. In November 2020, the building was withdrawn from the slipway in St. Petersburg. Currently, the shipyard is installing the necessary equipment on the icebreaker.

Why do you need it?

Officially, this ship is intended for ice escorting of combat and auxiliary vessels of the Russian fleet. The ship will break the ice, and ordinary ships will pass after it. & Nbsp;

Features and Features

Project 21180M icebreaker is being built at the Almaz Shipbuilding Company in St. Petersburg. The displacement of the icebreaker will be 4 thousand tons, the length of the hull & mdash; 82 meters, width & mdash; 19 meters. 'Evpatiy Kolovrat' can reach speeds of up to 14 knots. The crew of the vessel & mdash; about 30 people. Swimming autonomy & mdash; 1 month. The powerful diesel-electric vessel will be able to break 1 meter thick ice. High maneuverability of the icebreaker is provided by full-turn mechanical twin-screw steering columns and bow thruster, which increases the maneuverability of the vessel when working in ice conditions.

The reduced draft will allow the vessel to enter the ports of Tiksi (Yakutia) and Dikson (Krasnoyarsk Territory), which are operated by the Navy.

The deck of the icebreaker provides for the placement of a helicopter and one small vessel. It is assumed that the sailors will use a service and crew boat of the BL-820 type.

The icebreaker was named after a boyar who, according to the Tale of the Destruction of Ryazan by Batu, led the resistance to the Mongol-Tatar invaders and died heroically fighting against the many times superior enemy forces. True, the very fact of the existence of Kolovrat is questioned by historians and, perhaps, is an “ urban legend '', and “ The Tale of the Ruin of Ryazan by Batu '' was created at least one hundred (according to some estimates, three hundred) years after the events described.

Ships like the “ Evpatiy Kolovrat '' the Russian Federation did not have it before. This is a multifunctional ice-class ship capable of performing logistics, patrolling and timely escorting of the Navy's ships, experts say.

However, it is worth noting that the thickness of the ice in the Arctic reaches four meters, so it cannot be said that “ Evpatiy Kolovrat '' will take place everywhere and always. Even one-year-old ice reaches a thickness of two meters, let alone multi-year ice. Thus, the new icebreaker will plow the expanses of the near Arctic and the coast of Russia, but where the eternal cold reigns, it is unlikely to get there. In fact, this is a small icebreaker, the purpose of which is & mdash; escort merchant ships along the Northern Sea Route. & nbsp;


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