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What happened in Russia and the world during the two months of the military operation in Ukraine – in RBC infographics *

Special military operation in Ukraine

On March 30, the Ministry of Defense announced the “planned regrouping of troops in the Kiev and Chernigov directions.” The purpose of this regrouping was the agency called the intensification of actions in “priority areas and the completion of the operation to liberate Donbass.”

On April 21, the head of the ministry, Sergei Shoigu, reported to Vladimir Putin about the capture of Mariupol (with the exception of the territory of the industrial zone of the Azovstal plant) .

What happened in the economy

How many sanctions and restrictions were imposed against Russia


How the president's rating changes

How world politicians have communicated with each other over the past two months


How many cases of fakes and discredit have appeared in Russia

What happened to the media in Russia

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