Switzerland refused Germany to supply ammunition to Ukraine

Germany has requested permission to supply Kyiv with ammunition for the German BMP Marder, which are produced in Zurich. The Swiss authorities refused, referring to the neutral status

BMP Marder

Switzerland refused Germany to supply Ukraine with ammunition for the Marder BMP, writes the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung. Information about two requests from the German authorities was confirmed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). They reported that both appeals of Berlin concerned the transfer to Kyiv of ammunition previously received from Switzerland.

According to the newspaper, the Marder-type infantry fighting vehicle is produced by the German concern Rheinmetall, and one of the production facilities for its ammunition is located in Zurich.

“Both requests from Germany were answered in the negative with reference to Swiss neutrality and mandatory criteria for refusing to in accordance with the legislation on military products», — SECO spokesman Fabian Mayenfisch told the publication.

States that have received weapons or military equipment from Switzerland cannot transfer it to third countries without the consent of Berne, the newspaper explains. In addition, Swiss law prohibits the export of military products to countries where there is an armed conflict.

Despite these rules, the newspaper notes, Swiss military products have already ended up in Ukraine. Britain supplied Kyiv with anti-tank weapons with Swiss warheads. To do this, London took advantage of a loophole in the law, according to which, when exporting individual parts or assemblies of weapons, special permission from the Swiss government is not required.

Prior to the start of the Russian special operation, Berlin refused to supply Kyiv with weapons, however With the outbreak of hostilities, he changed his position. At the end of February, Germany decided to supply Ukraine with 1,000 Panzerfaust anti-tank missiles and 500 Stinger missiles.

Read on RBC Pro Pro How “Asos of the 90s” became the most sudden failure of the dot-com era for business and will a VPN help Articles Pro How the development of surgical instruments made an immigrant a billionaire Who will benefit from this air blockade?Berlin also approved the transfer of 400 German-made anti-tank guns from the Netherlands and nine D-30 howitzers and ammunition from Estonia. At the end of March, the DPA agency, citing sources, wrote that 1,500 Strela portable anti-aircraft missile systems, 100 MG3 machine guns, 8 million cartridges for firearms would also be transferred to Kyiv.

In April German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany had almost completely exhausted the limit of arms supplies to Ukraine from its reserves. He also said that the German government sent a request to arms manufacturers to understand how quickly they could provide the military products needed by Kyiv.

The leader of the German opposition, the head of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), Friedrich Merz, criticized Scholz for insufficient aid to Ukraine. In his opinion, if the chancellor does not make a decision on the supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv in the near future, then the Bundestag should do so.

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