Macron won the second round of elections with 58.54% of the vote

His rival, the leader of the “National Association” Marine Le Pen, according to the results of counting 100% of the votes, was supported by 41.46% of voters. Previously, she admitted defeat

The current President of France, Emmanuel Macron, won the second round of elections with a result of 58.54% of the vote (18,779,641), follows from the data of the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs.

His rival, the leader of the “National Association” (former name «National Front») Marine Le Pen, after counting 100% of the votes, is gaining 41.46% (13,297,760 votes). Earlier, she admitted defeat.

In the first round, 27.85% of voters voted for Macron, and for Le Pen— 23.15%.

As of 17:00 on April 24 (18:00 Moscow time), the turnout in the elections was 63.23%.

The French leader was congratulated on his re-election, in particular, by the presidents of the United States and of Ukraine Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky, German and Austrian Chancellors Olaf Scholz and Karl Nehammer, British and Italian Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Mario Draghi, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel and others. Zelensky called Macron « true friend.

Macron has already had his first telephone conversation, he spoke with Scholz.

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Macron became the first French president since 2002 to win a second victory. For the first time, he led the country after the 2017 elections (then he won with a result of 66.1% of the vote; 33.9% of voters voted for Le Pen).

The last person in France who managed to be re-elected for a second term was Jacques Chirac (occupied the post in 1995-2007).

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