Former head of Roskosmos operator Dmitry Bakanov became deputy head of the Ministry of Transport

After the departure of Kirill Bogdanov, his post in the Ministry of Transport will be taken by Dmitry Bakanov, who worked in the “daughter” of “Roscosmos”, engaged in communications. Bogdanov explained his departure with the words “I realized that I was not an official”

Dmitry Bakanov

The post of the resigned Deputy Minister of Transport was taken by Dmitry Bakanov, follows from a document published on the portal of legal information. He will oversee the digital development of the transport industry, RBC was told in the press service of the department.

Previously, this position was held by Kirill Bogdanov, he left it in mid-April. After his dismissal, Dmitry Poplauhin left the post of director of the digital development department of the Ministry of Transport. The press service of the ministry declined to comment on who will become the new director of this department.

Bakanov headed the company «Satellite system «Messenger» — a single operator for communication, broadcasting and retransmission systems of the state corporation Roscosmos. In August 2019, he headed the Department of Digital Development of the Ministry of Transport and left this position in October last year.

Sources told RBC about Bogdanov's intention to resign in mid-April, they did not provide the reasons for this decision (he has held this post since the end of December 2020). On April 18, Bogdanov was dismissed from his post with the wording “at his request”.

According to Bogdanov, he left the Ministry of Transport of his own free will. “I realized that I’m not an official, alas,” — he told RBC.

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