The Bundestag approved the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine

The petition was supported by 586 out of 693 voters, although the German Ministry of Defense announced a shortage of military equipment, the chancellor made a statement about the depletion of reserves for supply to Ukraine, and the Bundeswehr fears a decrease in the country's combat capability

Collection of ballots after the vote on a comprehensive plan to support Ukraine in the Bundestag

The Bundestag called for comprehensive support for Ukraine and the supply of heavy weapons to the republic, according to the website of the parliament. The corresponding statement was supported by 586 deputies out of 693 who voted, 100 voted “against”, seven abstained.

The petition notes that the supply of “effective weapons and complex systems, including heavy weapons” to Ukraine is one of the ways to end hostilities in the country.

The day before, Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht announced a shortage of military equipment in Germany. “For example, on paper we have 350 Puma infantry fighting vehicles, of which only 150 are operational. The same with Tiger helicopters: only nine machines out of 51 can take off.”

In April, the German authorities announced their intention to allocate €2 billion for additional military assistance, more than half of this amount will be sent to Ukraine. On April 19, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the Bundeswehr had exhausted the limit on the supply of weapons to Ukraine from its reserves. According to the head of government, the authorities sent a request to defense companies to find out how soon they could provide the necessary weapons. Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk called “incomprehensible the assertion that” the Bundeswehr can no longer supply anything to Ukraine. Germany within the framework of obligations to NATO.

German public figures wrote an open letter to Scholz urging him to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, as this would prolong the conflict and impede a diplomatic settlement.

Read on RBC Pro Pro How to survive the crisis: advice from Igor Rybakov, Fedor Ovchinnikov and others Pro articles No time to wait: three principles for mobilizing any team in a crisis on drugs: how a candidate is checked for employment Articles Pro Netflix collapsed by 45%, but wants to be saved by advertising. Should I buy his shares? The Russian authorities have repeatedly criticized Western countries for “pumping” Ukraine weapons. The Kremlin has repeatedly warned that the supply of weapons to Kyiv will not prevent Russia from achieving the goals of the special operation. Kyiv and began to supply the weapons he requested.

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