Zakharova spoke about the grandfather-traitor of the current Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Photo: Global Look Press

The censored and Nazi-controlled Ukrainian-language newspaper Krakowski Vesti, 80 years before the tragedy in Bucha, published an article about “People tortured by murderers from the NKVD.” The publication reported that their bodies “lay on the streets of Lviv” after the retreat of the Red Army.

Based on the newspaper's information about 1,500 ethnic Ukrainians executed by firing squad, Nazi Germany accused the Soviet Union of genocide.

Concocted in Buche, following a similar scenario, the production again hit the front pages of the newspapers.

“We are absolutely unreasonably accused of wanting to “cancel” Ukraine, just as they are canceling everything Russian. Once again, the Nazis are using propaganda and tragedy to denigrate Russia Without evidence, counting solely on the emotional effect, ”said Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in her TG channel.

She also said that in this story with Lvov, the main character is the editor of the publication, Ukrainian collaborator journalist Mykhailo Khomyak.

In addition to his criminal past, he is known for only one other fact of his biography. Mikhailo Khomyak is the grandfather of Christy Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada,” Zakharova emphasized.

She recalled that Freeland consistently advocates Russia's exclusion from global financial institutions, the G20 and G7. With her filing, Ottawa increased the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Chrystia Freeland openly accused Russia of “terrible war crimes”.

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