Ilya Ber responded to messages about the check because of the post about Bucha

Beru has not yet been contacted by the police, but he is ready for the possibility of such a development of events, the deputy said. Baza previously wrote about the check against the municipal deputy

Ilya Ber

Former Editor-in-Chief “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” about the check against him, but the police did not contact him.

The Baza Telegram channel previously wrote about the check against Ber, it is conducted by the police department in the Preobrazhenskoye district. According to the resource, the check is connected with publications about events in Ukrainian Bucha. The article under which it is conducted was not specified.

“The police did not contact me, and that they were interested in me, or rather, in my publications, I learned, like you, from the Baza Telegram channel. I'm not at all surprised by this, — Behr said.

According to him, after the adoption of the law on responsibility for fakes about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces, he understood the risks, but did not close his project “Checked”.

“If I was afraid of such a development of events, then I would have closed the project on February 24, and also stopped posting on Facebook (its owner Meta Platforms Inc. has been recognized as extremist and banned in Russia). I did not do this and, accordingly, I was ready for the possibility of such a development of events, — said the deputy.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow.

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Photos and videos from the city of Bucha near Kyiv were distributed by the Ukrainian authorities and Western media in early April, they show the bodies of people in civilian clothes. The mayor of the city, Anatoly Fedoruk, also reported on the found mass graves. The Ministry of Defense called the published materials staged and stated that during the period when the city was under the control of the Russian military (they left Bucha on March 30), “not a single local resident was harmed.”

Article 207.3, providing for liability for fakes about the actions of the Russian army, appeared in the Criminal Code in early March. It faces a fine of up to 5 million rubles. and up to 15 years in prison.

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