Welt reported that Germany did not have ammunition for the tanks promised to Kyiv

According to the publication, the supply of ZSU “Gepard” to Ukraine was suspended on May 3, after the authorities were unable to obtain “suitable ammunition”

Delivery of German Gepard tanks promised to Ukraine; was suspended due to lack of necessary ammunition. This is reported by Welt, citing sources in the Ukrainian government.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the supply of “Cheetahs” postponed indefinitely after the German authorities failed to obtain “suitable ammunition for the tank” on 3 May.

Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft gun; (or “air defense tank Cheetah”) was developed in 1963 on the basis of the main German tank “Leopard-1”. In 1973, the car was put into service and entered mass production.

“Cheetah” armed with two 35-mm cannons with an effective firing range of 5.5 thousand km. Also, blocks of smoke grenade launchers are installed on both sides of the tower. In total, about 570 SPAAGs of this type were produced.

Before the start of the Russian military operation, Germany refused to transfer weapons to Ukraine, but then changed its position. On February 26, Berlin decided to transfer 1,000 Panzerfaust anti-tank missiles and 500 Stinger missiles to Kyiv. In addition, the German authorities approved the transfer of 400 German-made anti-tank guns from the Netherlands and nine D-30 howitzers and ammunition from Estonia.

On April 26, the three ruling parties in Germany submitted a draft statement calling on the government to ” ;expanding the supply of heavy weapons and complex systems, for example through a circular exchange, without jeopardizing Germany's ability to defend the alliance (NATO).

On the same day, the head of the German Ministry of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, announced the decision to supply Ukraine with 50 Gepard-type anti-aircraft self-propelled guns. She also spoke in favor of training Ukrainian instructors. The Bundestag approved the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine on April 28. The corresponding statement was supported by 586 deputies out of 693 who voted, 100 voted “against”, seven abstained.

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