Johnson called the vote on a vote of confidence “decisive” for the country

The Conservative Party faction did not vote in favor of a no-confidence motion against Johnson. He will remain British Prime Minister and party leader. Johnson jokingly offered to celebrate the voting results at a party

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked the Conservatives for giving him a vote of confidence and called the result “convincing and decisive” for the country, Reuters reported.

“It means we as a government can move on and focus on what I think is really important for the people,”— Johnson said and clarified that he did not intend to hold early elections after a vote of confidence was passed to him.

He also joked that his party members needed to celebrate this at a party right now (the scandal over Johnson's parties during quarantine was the main reason for raising the question of no confidence— RBC).

The vote of members of the Conservative Party faction on the issue of no confidence in Boris Johnson took place on the evening of June 6th. As a result, 211 parliamentarians opposed the presentation of a vote of no confidence in the prime minister, 148 voted “for”.

Calls for Johnson's removal from power have been circulating since December last year in connection with the scandal over the prime minister's parties during the quarantine. Then The Guardian newspaper published photos of Johnson and his wife surrounded by several civil servants in the garden on Downing Street in May 2020. On the table in front of the politician and the company— wine and cheese. According to the publication, a total of 19 people attended the event. At the time, there were strict anti-COVID restrictions in place in Britain: only two people who did not live together could communicate with each other in person.

Later, The Mirror also published a photo with Johnson during a quiz, which, according to the publication, took place on Downing Street on December 15, 2020. The photograph shows the prime minister sitting at a table next to two colleagues: on the right hand— a man with festive tinsel around his neck, on the left— woman in santa hat. Johnson initially denied that there were parties on Downing Street, but on December 8, speaking in the House of Commons, he promised to check.

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January 31, 2022, Second Secretary of Government Staff Sue Gray released her report on events, including Johnson's birthday parties on June 19, 2020 and before Christmas held at his residence at the height of the pandemic. Johnson issued a public apology. The head of government promised to “fix” everything and assured the British that the Cabinet of Ministers can be trusted.

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