Pushilin promised additional allied forces after the shelling of Donetsk

The head of the DPR Pushilin: after the shelling of Donetsk, we will use additional forces from Russia According to local media, on June 13, Ukrainian troops launched a record number of attacks on Donetsk. According to Pushilin, the defense will be strengthened primarily by the forces of Russia alt=”Pushilin promised additional allied forces after the shelling of Donetsk” />

The allied forces will attract additional resources to strengthen the defense of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) from the armed formations of Ukraine, said the head of the republic, Denis Pushilin, according to the Donetsk News Agency (DAN).

“All necessary additional allied forces will be deployed, first of all, the Russian Federation»,— he said, noting that “an understanding has been reached” about this question. He did not specify with whom it was achieved.


“The enemy has literally crossed all lines: prohibited methods of warfare are being used, residential and central areas of Donetsk are being shelled, and other cities and towns of the DPR are now under fire,” — said Pushilin.

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