Belousov announced a crisis of confidence and a world without rules due to sanctions

Such a world is war, the Deputy Prime Minister is sure. “Responsible politicians” must agree on new rules, otherwise countries will start randomly forming coalitions, and the system of checks and balances will be lost

Andrey Belousov

The strongest blow that the sanctions inflicted on all countries without exception, — it is the “crisis of confidence” that has developed because of them; in the world, First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov said at SPIEF.

“They showed that there are no rules. No rules at all. Whoever has a Colt is stronger,»,— he says.

Both the multipolar world and the unipolar world are based on certain rules, Belousov explained, and these rules are based on trust: “If the foundation of trust is knocked out, then a world without rules begins. A world without rules— what's this? This is war. In fact, this is a war— economic war, political war, whatever. He did not rule out a scenario in which each of the countries would “play for itself”: the United States, “undermining trust”, also undermined the foundation on which the system of checks and balances was based.

This situation, according to the deputy head of government, was superimposed on “a series of global crises.” Among them, Belousov named the pandemic, the energy crisis in Europe (even if it was “largely man-made”, partly the food crisis that became its consequence, as well as the climate crisis, “which has not disappeared anywhere.”

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To resolve the current situation, Belousov proposed to develop rules. “But in what format? On what scale? <…> Who to negotiate?»— he asked questions. He called the present “the time of responsible politicians” who must agree on new rules. “If this does not happen within the next two or three years, then, most likely, another scenario— this is a scenario of spontaneous formation of coalitions, groups and so on,— he suggested.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the period of rethinking and building new communications with strategic partners, strengthening sovereignty and revising its foundations has come.

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The Russian authorities consider the sanctions illegitimate, but declare their readiness for dialogue with Western states. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, however, noted that “you need to dance the tango together,” and Russia's Western partners “do breakdancing alone.”

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said on June 14 that Russia and friendly countries are looking for new ways of interaction. He called the situation “difficult in terms of this unprecedented economic war”.

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Andrey Belousov

official, first Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

March 17, 1959

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