“Dad didn’t kill me.” In Yekaterinburg, a father is accused of theft and death of his daughter

History would remain similar to many if the father,head of the “Men's Way” organization Andrei Brezgin, didn't  in broad daylight and did hid for a year already.

After parting, Andrey and Natalia Brezgins never came to an agreement on the upbringing and place of residence of their three children . The woman received documents from the court ordering her ex-husband to visit the children in accordance with a certain schedule. However, Andrei, the leader of the organization for the return of the patriarchy “Male Way”, decided that his daughters and son would live with him. However, he achieves this by not quite civilized methods.

«Communication with children is not deprived»

About a year ago, in  July 2021, the moment of kidnapping of a child was caught on the surveillance camera of one of the yards of Yekaterinburg. Investigators will later restore the picture of the incident. Brezgin and his son came to the yard where his former family lives, supposedly to visit their daughters. After a few minutes of playing, the father grabs one child and runs with him into the car. Another girl tries to keep up with them, but does not keep up. The car breaks off & nbsp; and takes Varya away. Natalya, the mother of the girl, never saw her daughter again. Their son lived with the father before the abduction.

She called the police and said that her ex-husband had stolen the child. A year later, investigators are still unsuccessfully looking for the girl. The other day businessman Andrey Brezgin was detained on suspicion of killing a child. The man does not give any comments, however, on the page of the “Man's Way” movement led by him, then and the case there are videos and his direct speech.

After Varya was kidnapped, Brezgin wrote on his page on the social network: “Finally, the court decision dated November 18, 2019 on the order of communication with children was partially executed. Everything that will be said otherwise, including  abductions by his own father, then is me, — False. All the provocations of the feminists in  their shells, with pouring mud on the fathers and raising money for “victims”, — nothing more than deception, provocation and personal gain. Why partially? Because there is only one of the  two daughters who should be with me now. There is no violation of the law, no one has been declared wanted. The thing is that one of the main postulates of "Male Way" — helping fathers in the struggle to have their children live with them. According to the police, Brezgin was not deprived of the right to communicate with them. But the father decided that the children would live permanently with him, and not with mother.

“I don't know what her»

The e1.ru portal quotes the words of the girl’s mother, Natalia: “I don’t know what’s wrong with her, I don’t know what her condition is, then there is nothing at all. The only thing he says — she is in a safe place and needs nothing        Claims that this year she graduated from the first class. Only where she studies, I don't know».

The woman does not lose hope of hugging her daughter. However, so far she only sees Varia on the video. Group “Men's way” in the social network periodically uploads video frames, on which the girl is filmed. Her mother says it — video editing, and what Varvara allegedly says on the video — computer program. Mother doubts that her daughter is alive.

According to the woman, her ex-husband did not accidentally refuse all psychiatric examinations that were offered to him as part of the investigation of the criminal case on theft and murder of a child. Natalya is perplexed: the last time Varya was seen last August in the Crimea, so where is she? The boy fiercely defends his father and doesn not ask to live with his own mother.

Brezgin was placed in a pre-trial detention center. The court decided to detain him for 21 days at the petition of the Investigative Committee. The  investigative department believes that he  with the purpose of killing the victim in an unknown way, committed actions aimed at damaging vital organs, consisting in direct causal relationship with the onset of death". According to  the version of the investigation, the girl died at the place of the abduction.


On the page in the social network of the organization "Men's Way" the postulates of the patriarchal way of life are published. For example, women's refusal to work for the benefit of the family is promoted. According to the adherents of the teaching, the maximum that is allowed for a woman in the  work plan — work part-time, and then take care of the house and family. “Bonus: more women will give birth under this scheme,” & nbsp; & mdash; appears on banner.

Banner from the website of the “Men's Way”. Screenshot from social network

The other day, Brezgin's followers posted another video. It begins like in a movie: “If you” are watching this video, it means that I'm already in the & nbsp; pre-trial detention center. On the footage, Andrei Brezgin explains in detail the reasons for his act, reflects on the fact that in Russia there is a huge imbalance in the family sphere. According to the leader of the movement, for a long time, if a woman left her family, she left alone, in disgrace and without children. After, during the times of Khrushchev, an amendment was adopted that children remain to live with their mother. Brezgin claims that “landings” have become more frequent men: it’s worth nothing to put in jail on charges of pedophilia, child theft, for non-payment of alimony. According to  the leader of  Men's Way», in 9 out ten cases it is women who steal their children from ex-husbands.

The man is indignant that there is total fatherlessness in the country, the generation is growing “pale and unviable”, the northern Caucasoid race is “weakening”, it is being replaced by migrants. Andrei Brezgin says that he has a huge number of photos and videos proving that Varya is alive and healthy. He posts videos in which the girl is holding fresh newspapers in hands. Why doesn't he show his daughter to the public? With his words, then the child will be given to the mother, who will go to the talk show, and the story will end there.

#Return the Father to the Children

Social media users are predictably divided into two camps. Supporters of the father admire his alleged self-sacrifice. According to the followers of the movement, Brezgin is hardly a national hero, fighting for the rights of fathers. They write that he sacrifices himself for the future of his daughter, they assure that he — a real man. About what the mother of three children feels, no one thinks about them. Natalya goes crazy with grief and knocks the thresholds of law enforcement agencies with a demand to look for a child. But Brezgin's fans publish hashtags in support for him and demand to return their father to the children.

The second camp supports Natalya. People worry about Varya's physical and emotional state. On one of the video the girl, calling to release her father from the SIZO, says: «Dad didn kill me». People are sure that the adults dragged the child into their trials, which now will not be easy to figure out the life guidelines.

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