The Gamaleya Center announced its readiness to create a vaccine against monkeypox

The Gamaleya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology can create a vaccine against monkeypox within a few months, if necessary, the director of the center Alexander Gintsburg told RIA Novosti.

“I I think that if we again receive this task to create such a vaccine, then we will talk about several months, — he said on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

According to him, the causative agent of this disease is little studied. However, technology makes it possible to create a vaccine based on genetic information about it, even without the virus itself. Most of the time will be spent on research related to the safety of the drug, Gunzburg added.

The immunologist believes that at the moment monkeypox is not capable of causing a pandemic comparable in scale to COVID-19, but the virus is evolving.


“The way things are now, it cannot cause a new pandemic. <…> This virus evolves much more slowly than the RNA-containing virus, that is, the causative agent of COVID-19. But the fact that evolution is going on is — certainly, — clarified the director of the Gamaleya Center.

Earlier today it became known that more than 1.5 thousand cases of monkeypox were detected in 25 European countries. This is about 85% of all infections in the world. In Russia, this disease has not yet been registered.

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