The Kremlin answered the question about the attitude towards Biden

Dmitry Peskov: Russia will not stoop to unflattering assessments of leaders of other countries u003d “The Kremlin answered the question about the attitude towards Biden” />

Joe Biden

Russia will never stoop to unflattering assessments of the leaders of other countries and say insulting words to the leaders. This, answering a question about the attitude towards US President Joe Biden, was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“Rather, it is a question for the citizens of this country [USA]. It is the citizens of the country who evaluate their leaders. This— none of our business. Our business— those unfriendly steps that are being taken against us. And we will fight them, — explained Peskov.

The American president has publicly insulted his Russian colleague several times during his tenure. In March last year, Biden answered yes to a question from an ABC journalist whether he thought Putin was a killer. Putin, commenting on this statement, said that “without irony and without jokes” I would like to wish my American colleague good health in return.

Later, Biden also called Putin a “war criminal”, a “butcher”, “a deadly dictator and a pure bandit.” In the Kremlin, Biden's statements were called “absolutely inadmissible.” They have no right to be made by the head of state, “which bombed people all over the world for many years, which dropped an atomic bomb on a country that had already been defeated, and which made absolutely no sense,” Peskov noted, specifying that he had view of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “The president of such a country has no right to such words at all. This is our deep conviction, — he said.

When asked why the Russian president does not respond to such statements, Peskov noted that Putin is “a very wise, far-sighted and cultured international figure and head of the Russian Federation.”

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