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More and more children from rural schools and small towns get the opportunity to study on modern computers, learn how to operate 3D printers, quadrocopters, design robots, conduct experiments, draw cartoons. All this thanks to the national project “Education”.

Providing conditions for self-realization and development of children's talents, regardless of where they live and study, — the most important national goal of the state, defined by President Vladimir Putin.

«Our task — create the conditions in which the child wants to develop. We actively cooperate with Ministry of Culture of Russia. By 2024, each school should have a school theater, and each school should have a sports section. A child has great potential, and one of our key goals — revealing the talents of children», — said Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov at a meeting of commissions of the State Council of the Russian Federation on the"Culture" and "Youth Policy".

“Point of Growth” centers also help to reveal talents. These are institutions of additional education in the natural sciences, technical, humanitarian and digital profiles. Such typical centers are created on the basis of already existing schools in small towns and villages: either premises are allocated for them in schools, or additional outbuildings or buildings are erected. They conduct lessons in "Technology", "Informatics","Life Safety", and" after the lessons they organize circles of additional education for children. In particular, the lessons of technology and life safety are now maximally focused on practical skills: on technology, the guys work with screwdrivers, and on the life safety learn to provide first aid on special simulators and mannequins.

By the end of last year, almost half of the pupils of schools located in rural areas and small towns had the opportunity to study educational programs of general and additional education using modern equipment of 9500 educational centers "Point of Growth". By the end of 2024 in Russia, more than 24 thousand students will work in schools in small settlements. such centers.

For example, in  the village of Kanevskaya, Krasnodar Territory, in "Point of Growth" programs are being implemented in & nbsp; physics, chemistry, biology and & nbsp; technology. A large number of hours are devoted to laboratory, practical, design work.

Students in grades 5-6 are especially fascinated by the microscope and everything connected with it. Acquaintance with equipment for laboratory and practical work, study of the structure of the microscope and its operation, preparation of micropreparations — all this makes them feel like young scientists.

In  9-11 grades, children are very interested in working with physical and chemical digital laboratories. Working with the  robot-manipulator and designer of programmable models attracts children of all ages — elementary school students with pleasure go on excursions during the work of the technological association. 77  "Points of Growth"works, and by 1 September another 35 such centers will open.

Modern equipment «Points of Growth» in  school with in-depth study of foreign languages    4 city of Kurchatov allows schoolchildren to prepare for passing exams and for science and technical Olympiads. So, thanks to these classes, 11-grader Mikhail Lapkovsky became the winner of the Mathematics Olympiad of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), and Egor Bobrov went to the finals of the Engineering Olympiad MIPT.

In & nbsp; Kurgan region, another "Point of growth" recently opened in a boarding school for gifted children. Equipped three classrooms in physics, chemistry and biology with interactive digital laboratories with manipulator robots. Now the children have laptops, multifunctional devices (printer, scanner, copier), an educational kit for practicing block programming with sets of sensors, an educational set in mechanics, mechatronics and robotics.

The guys are doing research work and participate in various competitions and conferences. For example, in the All-Russian competition of scientific and technological projects “Big Challenges”, the All-Russian conference-competition of young researchers “Agrobioengineering” & mdash; 2022" Russian State Agrarian University Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K. A. Timiryazev, in the international competition of research projects “I  learn the world” in Kazakhstan.

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