Why do you need to close the cameras on your laptop and smartphone?

Cameras on laptops, computers, and even smartphones should be covered with tape or covered with curtains. This was stated in an interview with Sputnik radio by the head of the CyberMoscow project. Grigory Pashchenko. According to him, this has long become a rule of information hygiene.

Why is it necessary to close the cameras on a laptop and smartphone?

According to Pashchenko, it is necessary to seal the cameras so that various malicious programs cannot gain access to devices and transfer confidential user information received from the cameras of these devices to third parties.

“My recommendation — sealing or closing cameras on laptops, computers and smartphones, you can’t call it paranoia in our conditions, this is a measure of personal security. Insulating tape or special curtains for the camera — our everything», — expert advises.

Currently, there are many different viruses that gain access to devices and then spy on users of these devices through their cameras, says Pashchenko. To do this, an attacker can send a file with a virus in the form of a document, picture or audio, and after activating this material, he gets access to the device's camera.

There are also, according to the specialist, applications designed to spy on a user using a laptop or smartphone camera, which can collect audience data for advertising purposes. However, sometimes such applications are used to obtain information about specific individuals, the expert emphasized.

“Now hacking (devices — ed.) of specific people has become more frequent. For example, a husband wants to keep an eye on his wife or an employer — for employees. Or the attacker himself can collect compromising evidence and use it against you. There was also a wave of applications that allegedly improved the properties of photos and videos, but at the same time the camera spied on the person and leaked the image throughout the day so that the advertiser could analyze who uses the application, where the person is and what objects are around, & mdash; Paschenko said.

What protection measures should be taken?

In order to maintain information security, it is necessary not only to use high-quality anti-virus programs, but also to check which applications require access to the camera.

"On smartphones, you can check which apps have access to the camera and deny access to some of them. But malware can be disguised. Computers and laptops should always be checked with a good antivirus for malicious codes, », — the expert warned.



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