Borisov announced the postponement of the first flight of the Su-75 Checkmate

The timing of the first flight of the fifth-generation Su-75 Checkmate fighter has been moved two years to 2025, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said. Earlier, the general director of the UAC said that the plane would fly in 2023 “Borisov announced the postponement of the first flight of the Su-75 Checkmate” />

Model of the Su-75 Checkmate fighter

The fifth-generation single-engine fighter Su-75 Checkmate is expected to take off for the first time in 2025, reported on SPIEF Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, TASS reports.

«2025— first flight»,— Borisov said, adding that it usually takes 1.5-2 years between the first flight and serial production.

Serial production of the single-engine Checkmate fighter is scheduled to begin in 2027, the Rostec CEO told Russian President Vladimir Putin in May ; Sergei Chemezov.

Lightweight single-engine fighter of the fifth generation Su-75 Checkmate developed by Sukhoi (part of the UAC of the state corporation “Rostec”) was presented in July 2021 at the MAKS air show.

The new Russian fighter decided to give the name Checkmate (translated from English «Checkmate») to demonstrate “restraint and modesty”, said Yury Slyusar, General Director of the United Aircraft Corporation (part of Rostec).

Then he said that the fighter would take off in 2023, and the statistical tests would be completed in 2022. “The plane will fly in 2023. It's a sample, it's not just a mockup, it's not just a demonstrator. Here he is in the air and rises, & mdash; Slyusar emphasized at the presentation of the fighter.

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According to the developers, Checkmate is able to overcome up to 2.9 thousand km, accelerate to two speeds of sound and carry 7400 kg of combat load. There were also plans to create a two-seat and unmanned versions based on the Su-75.

This model is primarily intended for export, its main competitors on the international market are the American F-35, Swedish Gripen fighters and French Rafale aircraft. Also among the potential customers of the fighter in “Rostec” called the Russian Ministry of Defense, the countries of the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov noted that Checkmate already has an “anchor customer”; among foreign air forces.

The fighter will cost $25-30 million, said the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov in the summer of 2021. In May 2022, Chemezov told Putin that the aircraft would cost $30-35 million. According to him, the aircraft is being built at Rostec's own funds, without involving budget money.

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