Gref told when the Russian economy can return to the level of 2021

The head of Sberbank described the situation as paradoxical, but not dramatic.

The head of Sberbank German Gref said that the Russian economy will be able to return to last year's figures only within 10 years if no action is taken.

Speaking at a business breakfast of Sberbank, which discussed the construction of the economy countries in the future, he said that anti-Russian sanctions affected many sectors of the economy, including finance and industry, fuel and technology sectors.

As RBC writes with reference to his words, the countries that have imposed sanctions receive 56% of exports and 51% of imports of the Russian Federation, which constitutes a threat to 15% of Russian GDP, but, nevertheless, the restrictive measures of the West turned out to be milder than world experts believe.< /p>

Even now, Gref notes, we can talk about the strengthening of the national currency, the impact of this on inflation.

“Reducing rates and resuming lending to the economy is the most important factor her stability”, – the expert explained.

We can even talk about the re-strengthening of the ruble, which manifested itself as a result of many factors in recent months. Among them are a trade surplus, a decline in demand for foreign currency and a drop in the flow of imports to Russia. It turns out, the analyst notes, that “currency… no one needs” in Russia”.

Thus, Gref describes the situation in the Russian economy as “paradoxical”, but in general, but not “dramatic”.

According to RIA & #8220;News”, within the framework of the SPIEF, the decline in the country's GDP amid sanctions was discussed. Against this background, the forecast of the Central Bank looks the most stringent, forecasting an 8-10% decline in growth back in April.

Now the adjustment looks more optimistic, and in July, the Bank of Russia is likely to present other indicators.

The relevant department, the Ministry of Economic Development, believes that the gross product will decrease by 7.8% by the end of 2021.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that German Gref himself was blacklisted as part of the next package of EU sanctions .

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