The Minister announced a three-fold increase in the price of the first stage of the Sputnik construction

The first stage of the construction of the city of Sputnik, which, together with Artem, should turn Vladivostok into the first million-plus city in Primorye, will cost 300 billion rubles. According to him, nine-tenths of this amount will be financed by business

Alexey Chekunkov

The role of the Sputnik city being designed near Vladivostok in the context of geopolitical events and “Russia's turn to the East” will increase, believes Alexei Chekunkov, Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic. In a conversation with an RBC correspondent, he said that the cost of the first stage of construction will be 300 billion rubles.

The city plans to build 8 million square meters. m of real estate, it will be built in stages. “The first stage, already approved by government decree, — investments in the creation of supporting infrastructure of about 30 billion rubles. This is what the state will invest. Private investors will invest at least one in ten in the creation of objects that are of interest to them. The first stage, respectively, will cost about 300 billion rubles.»,— the minister clarified.

A detailed concept of the city of Sputnik near Vladivostok will be developed by a research institute from St. Petersburg— LLC “Scientific Research Institute of Perspective Urban Planning”, previously reported “KP & mdash; Vladivostok ". The design institute promised to do this by April 2023 for 370 million rubles. The publication also noted that the cost of the first stage of the project— housing construction for 50 thousand people— was estimated at 100 billion rubles.

During the first stage, Sputnik plans to build an embankment, shopping and entertainment complexes, as well as part of residential development, but the embankment & mdash; key point, Chekunkov noted. “It will be like a magnet for people to come and spend time there. People will first come there to rest, and then they will begin to settle there to live, — minister counts. Walk along this embankment, sit in a restaurant, go to the cinema in Sputnik— “hope it happens,” — it will be possible “sometime in 2025”.

“We will use the mechanism of the Far Eastern concession in order to mobilize capital now, create infrastructure facilities today, and pay for them for a long time,” — said the minister, speaking about the financing of the project.

According to Chekunkov, it would be right to combine in this project both large Russian companies and leading Asian companies, which, according to him, have already shown interest in the project. “But we deliberately want to first still approve its [the city’s] ideology, the concept at the state level, present it to the president and get his conceptual approval, and after that we offer specific investors to participate in this large-scale project,” — he notes.

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Alexey Chekunkov first told RBC about the construction of a new city in Primorye in August 2021. Then he said that the authorities were considering a business model for creating the first million-plus city in the region: if you combine Vladivostok, which de jure has 600 thousand inhabitants, with Artem (located 38 km from Vladivostok; about 100 thousand inhabitants), then the construction the new city will attract about 300 thousand more people to this agglomeration.

It is assumed that the project will be implemented with the support of VEB.RF, its subsidiary ProGorod, the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the government of Primorsky Krai.

Petersburg “Research Institute of Perspective Urban Planning” participated in the development of the project of the territory of federal significance “Sirius”, created master plans for the renewal of resort towns— Gelendzhik, Sochi, Anapa, etc., and also engaged in architectural developments in the Arkhangelsk region, Krasnodar Territory and other regions.

In a conversation with an RBC correspondent, Chekunkov also said that the project for the future city was inspired by St. Petersburg. “Of course, geographically Vladivostok and Sputnik— this is deep Asia, like three-quarters of the territory of our country. But from the point of view of culture, civilization— this is Europe. Since Vladivostok is the most European city in Asia, this is what attracts Asians, we want Sputnik to be the quintessence of these features, — Chekunkov expressed hope.

The architectural project of the new city will be presented at the Eastern Economic Forum, which usually takes place in September. “But I can share” inspiration is mostly taken from St. Petersburg. And the maritime character of the city, the lighthouse city, will be reflected in the Sputnik. Among other things, the first stage in the implementation of this project will be the creation of a worthy sea embankment, which for both the residents of Vladivostok and the guests of Primorye, including foreign ones, will probably be a kind of symbol of Russia's new turn to the east,— Chekunkov said.

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