Izvestia and RT show video of Americans detained in Ukraine

It is alleged that both US citizens were captured in the Kharkiv region. Previously, President Joe Biden spoke about the disappearance of two Americans in Ukraine “”Izvestia” and RT showed a video with Americans detained in Ukraine” />

In the Telegram channels of “Izvestia” and RT showed videos of two men claiming to be US citizens. It is alleged that they fought on the side of the Ukrainian army and were taken prisoner near Kharkov.

The first man, with whom RT showed a recording, introduced himself as Alexander Dryuki, a native of Alabama. He said that he was alive, said hello to his mother and expressed the hope that he would return home.

On the second entry, published by Izvestiya, the man introduces himself as Andy Wien from Alabama. He claims that he used to “believe propaganda” that cast Russians in a bad light. But now he believes that the Ukrainian army is incompetent and corrupt.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, as well as the authorities of the DPR and LPR, have not yet officially reported the capture of American citizens.

Earlier this week, the US State Department reported that relatives of two Americans who fought on the side of Ukraine reported that they had stopped contacting a few days ago. The Foreign Office said it was investigating reports that two Americans may have been taken prisoner.

President Joe Biden said on Friday that he had been told that two American citizens had disappeared in Ukraine, but he did not know where they are. At the same time, he recalled that US residents are advised not to visit this country.

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Last week, two British citizens and one Moroccan, who also fought on the side of Ukraine and were taken prisoner, were tried in Donetsk. As a result, they were found guilty on a number of articles and sentenced to death. In London, the verdict was called illegal, indicating that the British entered into contracts with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and therefore are military personnel, not mercenaries. Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

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