Putin: the authorities will work to improve the quality of medical care in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that the Russian authorities would work to improve the quality of medical care in the country. The head of state made the statement as part of a video conference on the occasion of the opening of medical centers in the regions, according to the Kremlin website.

“The healthcare system is a separate huge industry, the most important, as I said, for the country. We will continue to work together with you to ensure that our citizens receive decent medical care,” the president said.

Vladimir Putin noted that modern high-tech federal centers and medical and obstetric centers are already opening in Russia .

“In recent years, we have been constantly increasing the amount of funding for these purposes. And it will increase in the near future, in the coming years,” the head of state stressed.

Putin added that everything is important in this industry: personnel, equipment, as well as modern technologies. He noted that more attention should be paid to the capabilities of the Russian industry in this area.

Vladimir Putin stressed that the development of the healthcare system is one of the key and fundamental activities for the Russian authorities at all levels.

< p>Earlier, the Ministry of Health stated that Russia can produce about 80% of vital drugs.

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