Rosobrnadzor did not see the risk of disaster due to the abandonment of the Bologna system

There will be no catastrophic consequences for Russia due to the abandonment of the Bologna system of education, the country “always moved along its own path,” the head of Rosobrnadzor believes. It is incorrect to discuss the abandonment of the Unified State Examination against this background, he added. To give up what we never came to, I think there will be no catastrophe here, — he thinks.

According to the head of the department, Russia has always had a national education system, the country “always moved along its own path.” “We have never lost our independence in this direction. Therefore, it is not necessary to mislead each other, students, schoolchildren, teachers, lecturers, & mdash; he called.

Muzaev believes that it is incorrect to discuss the possibility of canceling the unified state exam (USE) against the backdrop of the abandonment of the Bologna system, since one is not part of the other. “When the Bologna agreement was signed, it so coincided that we had a new model for the final entrance exam. And it all entered our lives in parallel. Many experts, who are not from education, felt that this is a single whole. But these are two different entities,»,— he explained.

The head of Rosobrnadzor considered populist statements about the abolition of the exam, noting that experts who do not participate in the development of tasks did not offer anything in return.

Muzaev previously ruled out the possibility of abolishing the USE, since this exam allows maintaining the “single educational space of the Russian Federation in the face of a huge variety of educational programs, textbooks and teaching aids.” The Minister of Education, Sergei Kravtsov, for his part, said that the USE is improving every year, as an example, he cited the refusal of assignments with the choice of the correct answer: “In fact, today this is a written exam that passes objectively and which allows the graduate to pass the exam where he is lives, send documents to five universities and enroll in one or another university.

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Russia joined the Bologna Process on September 19, 2003. This process assumes a two-stage system of higher education with a division into undergraduate and graduate programs.

On May 24, the head of the Ministry of Education and Science, Valery Falkov, announced his intention to abandon the Bologna system and develop his own, which would be based on the interests of the national economy. Later, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Afanasiev said that all Russian universities were excluded from the Bologna system. According to him, one of the reasons was that the heads of higher education organizations signed the appeal of the Russian Union of Rectors to support the president in connection with the military operation in Ukraine.

According to Falkov, the introduction of a “unique education system” does not mean a ban on undergraduate and graduate programs, but universities will be able to abandon them in favor of a specialist. Afanasiev said that the national education system will be created taking into account the “positive experience” Bologna. There is no question of a return to the Soviet model in universities, he noted. Deputy Head of the Ministry of Education and Science Pyotr Kucherenko, in turn, assured that there would be no isolation of the Russian education system.

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