The head of the USIN in the Kherson region was injured during the assassination attempt

Sobolev previously stated that he did not “escape” from the Kherson region along with the Ukrainian security forces in order to prevent the escape of prisoners from the colonies. According to RIA Novosti and TASS sources, unknown people blew up his car


Unknown people blew up the personal car of the head of the Kherson department of the penitentiary service Yevgeny Sobolev, he taken to the hospital with injuries. This is reported by TASS and RIA Novosti. with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies.

“Today, Ukrainian terrorists attempted to assassinate the head of the USIN in the Kherson region, Yevgeny Sobolev,”— said the interlocutor of RIA Novosti.

According to a TASS source, Sobolev is in the hospital with a wound, nothing threatens his life.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on taking Kherson under control a few days after the start of the military operation in Ukraine. By March 15, the military had established full control over the entire territory of the region. Later, a military-civilian administration was created there.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

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In early June, Sobolev told RIA Novosti that the USIN leadership in the Kherson region did not “escape”; together with the Ukrainian security forces in the territories controlled by Kyiv, but remained to prevent the escape of prisoners from the colonies. According to him, the military units of Russia did not disarm them and showed full understanding for the armed protection of the colonies. “In itself, the situation regarding the evacuation of law enforcement agencies and the SBU— they had clear instructions. We didn't have instructions. Convicted and under investigation, if we evacuated, there would be no one to keep here today, & mdash; noted the head of USIN.

Representatives of the military-civilian administration of the city have repeatedly spoken out in favor of the entry of the Kherson region into Russia. The Kremlin noted that such a decision would be made by the inhabitants of the region, but only after security was ensured there.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the start of the military operation, emphasized that the occupation of the territories of Ukraine was not the goal special operations, but noted that Moscow recognizes the right of all peoples to self-determination: “We consider it important that this right— the right to choose— could use all the peoples living on the territory of today's Ukraine. Anyone who wants it, & mdash; said Putin.

At the end of May, the president simplified the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of the Kherson region and Zaporozhye. In the spring of 2019, residents of the DPR and LPR received such a right, and in the summer of the same year, the president signed a decree allowing all Ukrainians who lived in any area of ​​the Luhansk or Donetsk regions of Ukraine to apply for Russian citizenship in a simplified manner.

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