What is known about the migrant woman who was raising a child “found” on the street?

In Moscow, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan was detained, who appropriated someone else's child. For four years, a 48-year-old woman has been raising a girl whom she allegedly found as a baby on the streets of the Russian capital.

How did the child get to a migrant woman?

The woman claims that in the spring of 2018 she saw a newborn baby on a bench without supervision. On the hand the girl had a tag from maternity hospital with the name "Amina". Zuhraconcluded that the child was abandoned because he looked very untidy. Deciding that this was a “sign from above”, the woman took the baby home. At the same time, she did not apply to the police or guardianship authorities, raising a girl without documents.

The situation was revealed after the woman came to the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan to draw up documents for Amina . Then the diplomats involved the police in the case. At the moment, the police are investigating all the circumstances of this story.

What is known about the woman?

According to the SHOT Telegram channel, the woman's name is Zukhra Murataliyeva. For many years, she suffered from infertility and dreamed of having a baby.

In Moscow, she lived legally, previously worked as a seamstress. In 2016, a woman was hit by a train and suffered several major surgeries, including craniotomy. Now she decided to move back to Kyrgyzstan and applied to the embassy of her country, as a result of which the revealed the story of a girl found on the street.

Recently, Zukhra has been working as a nurse for a pensioner. When she died, her son allowed the woman to live with her daughter in the same apartment.

What version of the incident are the police considering?

The police suggest that the migrant could get a girl ” ;in gift» from one of compatriots who didn need the child.

This is indicated by numerous contradictions in Zuhra's testimony. It is noted that she knows too much information about the child, which was hardly indicated on the tag from maternity hospital. A woman also cannot present this tag. In addition, she claims that she does not remember the names of her acquaintances or neighbors.

At the moment, the child is in the hospital, and Zuhra is worried that Amina may be taken away from her.< /p>




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