What is the newest aircraft carrier “Fujian”, built in China?

In China, the third aircraft carrier was launched, which was named “Fujian”, in honor of the eastern province of the country of the same name. This ship was built only on the basis of Chinese technology, unlike its predecessors, created using the backlog of Soviet ships. “Fujian” became the largest Chinese aircraft carrier in this series. It is expected that in the near future it will set out to sea for sea trials. This ship is due into the Navy by 2024     

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Shanghai-based Jiangnan Shipyard, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, hosted a brief launching ceremony for China's third aircraft carrier, the Fujian. with number 18. The launching of the third aircraft carrier is a landmark moment and de facto signifies the transformation of the Chinese navy and a symbol of Beijing's growing military power.


It was previously thought that the displacement of the Chinese giant would reach 100,000 tons, but the developers settled on a more modest version of 85,000 tons. However, this was enough to surpass the British and French aircraft carriers.

The ship is equipped with two lifts for transporting aircraft from the hangar and three electromagnetic catapults. Their use will help to avoid losses of carrier-based aircraft during takeoff and landing, and also expand the range of carrier-based aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles used on an aircraft carrier.


Chinese experts claim that during the construction of the aircraft carrier, technologies were used that are currently available only to the US Navy, and the Fujian itself compare in configuration with top-end American aircraft carriers. Moreover, “Fujian” bears a resemblance to the Gerald Ford-class aircraft carriers American fleet. It is expected that the Chinese aircraft carrier will take on board the J-35 fighter jets and the KJ-600 carrier-based early warning aircraft, which China is currently developing — analogues of the American F-35 and "E-2 "Hawkeye" respectively. J-15T fighter jets and J-15D electronic warfare aircraft will also be able to take off from it.

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Previously, there were two aircraft carriers in the Navy of the People's Liberation Army of China. The first of them, “Liaoning”, was created on the basis of the unfinished Soviet heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Varyag”, bought by China from Ukraine. The Chinese purchased the ship ostensibly for the purpose of creating a means of entertainment, but made an aircraft carrier out of it. The second, “Shandong”, — became the development of the project of the first aircraft carrier, but already with the predominance of Chinese technologies. Both ships are equipped with a non-nuclear power plant. “Shandong” differs by a larger hangar, and also by the slope of the takeoff ramp — in he is 12, and not 14 degrees. In addition, its superstructure occupies  10% less area on deck compared to the first aircraft carrier of the PLA, but it is higher one level. Also, last year, China began construction of a fourth aircraft carrier, presumably with a nuclear power plant. In total, China plans to create four aircraft carrier strike groups by 2030.



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