WSJ learned of US fears of the risk of a direct clash with Russia in Syria

The US military is worried about the risk of a direct clash with Russian forces in Syria, fears arose after an air strike against the American coalition in the south of the republic, sources told WSJ

The Pentagon is concerned about the possibility of a direct military clash with Russia in Syria after “some actions” Russian forces, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed senior US military.

“Russian troops have carried out a number of operations against the US-led coalition in Syria this month, including one of them — this week at a strategically located base in the southern part of the country,— told the interlocutors of the newspaper (quote from RIA Novosti).

Russia warned the American side on the existing communication line about the strike, in connection with which no casualties were identified, the sources of the newspaper said, while noting that this “is fraught with a direct conflict,” and “a miscalculation could escalate into an unintentional conflict between American and Russian forces in Syria».

The WSJ interlocutors specified that the airstrikes were inflicted on a garrison located near the border of Syria with Jordan in the southeast.

The American contingent entered the territory of Syria at the beginning of the civil war in 2011, seven years later— in December 2018— Donald Trump, then President, announced the withdrawal of the military from Syria. He explained that he made this decision in connection with the defeat of the main part of the IS militants (a terrorist group banned in Russia).

At the same time, limited contingents of military specialists from the United States remained on Syrian territory, which support the armed opposition. There are about 900 American military personnel in Syria, they are deployed at the Al-Tanf base (southern Syria) and eastern fields.

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The Russian diplomatic mission at the UN called the presence of the American contingent in Syria an “occupation”, arguing that the US military was engaged in “oil theft”, and a “zone of lawlessness” had developed in the region. “We demand the immediate withdrawal from Syria of all foreign forces present there illegally,” said at the end of January, Russian Deputy Representative Dmitry Polyansky at a meeting of the UN Security Council. extremists in Syria for actions against local security forces and military from Russia and Iran. The department insisted that “the information received by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service testifies to the desire of the US administration to maintain the American presence in Syria, preventing the stabilization of the situation in this country.”

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