Alikhanov urged not to buy goods because of Lithuania’s decision on transit

On the eve of Lithuania notified the authorities of the Kaliningrad region about the termination from June 18 of the transit of a number of goods that fell under EU sanctions. According to Alikhanov, the authorities were preparing for “nasty things from neighbors” and keep the situation under control

Residents of the Kaliningrad region should not panic because of restrictions from Lithuania and buy goods from resellers. This was stated by the governor of the region, Anton Alikhanov, in his Telegram channel.

The day before, Lithuanian Railways notified the Kaliningrad Railway of the termination of the transit of a number of goods subject to EU sanctions from June 18.


“We had difficulties in the month of March. <…> We arranged supplies, but a huge number of people spent their money buying [goods] from dealers, giving money to all sorts of unscrupulous entrepreneurs. As a result, deliveries improved, the price stabilized. I am responsible for this. Me and my team»,— Alikhanov said.

According to him, the authorities of the region were preparing for such “nasty things from neighbors”; and have already built and put into operation a new ferry, and together with the Ministry of Transport have relocated another dry cargo ship from other seas, which currently runs on the Ust-Luga & mdash; Baltiysk. “The ferry complex of the Kaliningrad region will cope with new cargoes due to the restriction of transit through Lithuania, we will transport everything,” — emphasized the head of the region.

Kaliningrad region— the westernmost region of Russia. Geographically, it is separated from the country and exists as an exclave in the Baltics. In the south, the region borders on Poland, and in the north and east— with Lithuania.

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June 17 Alikhanov, commenting on the decision of the Lithuanian authorities to stop the transit of a number of goods , said that, according to preliminary estimates, the ban will affect from 20 to 40% of the items that were transported between the Kaliningrad region and other regions of Russia. According to him, such a decision violates the protocols for the accession of the Baltic countries to the EU, the rules of free transit.

“This will require us to urgently put on the Ust-Luga line— Baltiysk of new ships, various bulk carriers. We are already working with the Ministry of Transport, Russian Railways, Rosmorport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs»,— said the governor.

In early April, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis admitted that the country's authorities could close the borders with Russia and Belarus amid hostilities in Ukraine.

< p>In response, the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Grushko, said that European countries should not “play with fire”; on the issue of a possible blockade of the Kaliningrad region by blocking the borders.

April 8, the European Union, as part of the fifth package of sanctions against Russia, excluded road transit between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of Russia from restrictions. The document states that transit trucking between the Kaliningrad region and Russia of goods, the transportation of which is not prohibited by EU regulations, falls under the exemption from the EU sanctions.

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