German authorities decided to increase gas savings due to the threat of a “hard winter”

Germany will increase the load on coal-fired power plants and reduce the use of gas in industry to build up fuel supplies for the winter, Habek said. He considered that Moscow is striving to disunite the EU and raise prices = “The German authorities decided to increase gas savings due to the threat of a “hard winter”” />

The German Ministry of Economy intends to take additional measures to save gas and increase precautions in connection with the reduction in supplies from Russia, the authorities plan to reduce the use of gas for industry and electricity generation and stimulate the filling of storage facilities. This is stated in an article by Minister Robert Habek, Spiegel reports.

“Gas consumption must continue to fall, so more gas must be stored in storage, otherwise it will be very difficult in winter,” — Khabek is sure.

The minister considered the reduction in Russian gas supplies and high fuel prices to be politically motivated, adding that Moscow intends to “unbalance us, raise prices and divide us.”

To ensure gas storage in Berlin, they intend to allocate a loan of €15 billion through the state bank KfW, and gas auctions will be called upon to stimulate industrial consumers of gas to reduce its use. For a fee, they will reduce gas consumption, and the released volumes will be sent to storage facilities. Habek emphasized: “everything we consume less helps”, pointing out that it is planned to receive more electricity from coal-fired power plants.

The minister acknowledged that the increase in the use of coal stations is “bitter [to accept], but in this situation it is simply necessary to reduce gas consumption. We must and we will do our best to stock up on as much gas as possible in summer and autumn. According to him, the readiness of storage facilities for the winter period has become a top priority for Germany.

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As follows from the report of the German Federal Network Agency, as of June 16, the country's gas storage facilities were almost 57% full. The department's website states that by October 1 it is planned to reach the level of 80%, by November 1— 90%. “February 1 next year, the minimum fill quantity of 40% applies again,” reported in the German network agency.

In mid-June, Gazprom announced a reduction in gas pumping through Nord Stream 1; due to the delay in the repair of Siemens units (it decided to leave the Russian market in mid-May). The company explained that the turbines are under repair in Canada, their export from there is difficult due to sanctions. The volume of deliveries decreased to 100 million cubic meters. m per day with a planned volume of 167 million cubic meters. m. June 15 at Gazprom reported that the volume of pumping will decrease to 67 million cubic meters. m.

“I got the impression that what happened yesterday,— this is a political decision, not a decision that can be justified from a technical point of view, — Khabek appreciated the situation then.

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