Opening of large Russian banks announced in Kherson region

According to the head of the military-civilian administration of the region, one Russian bank has already opened in the region, while other “large” and “reliable” banks are already preparing to open branches

Large Russian banks intend to open their branches in the Kherson region. About this on the air «Soloviev LIVE» said the head of the military-civilian administration of the region, Vladimir Saldo.

“One bank opened. We are waiting for the arrival of a delegation of other Russian banks, large banks, reliable banks that are already preparing to open their branches both in the regional center in Kherson, and on the territory of the Kherson region in other cities and towns,— he said.

According to him, enough ruble mass has been brought to the Kherson region, and payments in hryvnias are decreasing. “There are rubles and there are enough of them <…> The ruble mass is becoming more and more. It is delivered by special secure promotion options to the Kherson region. Ruble mass is available at currency exchange offices. If earlier there was not enough ruble mass, now it is already there and the ruble is strengthening more and more, and the hryvnia is sinking, — said the head of the CAA.

He also said that residents of the Kherson region cannot withdraw their hryvnia savings, which were kept on the accounts of Ukrainian banks, many ask to cash out the money of relatives in the territories of Ukraine, where there are Ukrainian credit institutions.

On March 15, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on full control over the Kherson region. After that, civil-military administrations began to be formed in the region, broadcasting of Russian TV channels and radio stations was launched. On May 23, a dual-currency zone was introduced in the region, that is, the Russian ruble is used on a par with the hryvnia.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Why the Ukrainian crisis will increase inflation and poverty in Europe Articles Pro How to find financial reserves for a rainy day. Conducting an inventory Instructions Pro Features of the business environment in Turkey: what kind of business Russians open there what is it and how does it lead to overeating? The Kremlin noted that such a decision would be made by the inhabitants of the region, but only after security was ensured there. At the end of May, Russian President Vladimir Putin simplified the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of the Kherson region and Zaporozhye.

Earlier, the president said that after the imposition of sanctions against Russia, all Russian companies and banks will be able to work in Crimea. “Now there are all conditions for large Russian business structures, which, frankly, used to be afraid of some kind of sanctions … Now they [business] have nothing to fear,” — Putin said.

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