Rada supported the bill on the construction of a network of bomb shelters

According to the authors of the document, since the beginning of hostilities, people had to hide in the subway or unsuitable basements. The bill provides for the urgent construction of shelters, including in new buildings “The Rada supported the draft law on the construction of a network of bomb shelters” />

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the first reading supported the bill on the equipment of a network of bomb shelters, the author of the document, the chairman of the Servant of the People party, said. Elena Shulyak, her words are quoted on the party's website.

“We must respond to the challenges of the time and ensure the construction of reliable modern bomb shelters in any buildings,”— said Shulyak.

With the outbreak of hostilities, the country faced a lack of shelters to protect the civilian population: people had to hide, at best, in the subway or basements that were not suitable for this, she noted.

As the author of the bill pointed out in Telegram, a significant part of the shelters are not reliable, not equipped with emergency exits, does not have access to water supply systems and for water drainage, is not suitable for food storage.

Bill No. 7398 provides for the urgent construction of a network of bomb shelters, including in new buildings. Urban planning documentation should now contain a section on engineering and technical measures of civil protection. “Without this, such documentation simply will not be approved,” & mdash; explained the head of the “Servant of the People”.

According to the initiative, in buildings where up to 50 people are permanently or temporarily up to 100 people, there must be a bomb shelter. Moreover, it should be accessible to people with limited mobility. Bomb shelters, dual-use facilities and simple shelters, regardless of who owns them, must be ready to receive people if “the unified state protection system is put on high alert, emergency, state of emergency,” Shulyak said.

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