The Ministry of Defense announced 40 actors in Nikolaev for staged filming

Russian Ministry of Defense: 40 actors were involved in staged filming in Nikolaev ://” alt=”The Ministry of Defense announced 40 actors in Nikolaev for staged filming” />

Ukrainian special services began to prepare in Nikolaev, staged videos about allegedly destroyed houses and civilians left homeless as a result of shelling by the Russian military. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

«More than 40 actors were involved in the staged video filming, all participants were paid a cash reward of $25»,— says the message on Telegram.

The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that such “fakes” that are distributed by the Ukrainian “lie factory” commissioned by “Western curators” do not correspond to reality.

The Russian Armed Forces treat the civilian population of Ukraine “exclusively humanely”; and do not strike at civilian infrastructure, the Ministry of Defense stressed.

Back in late March, the head of the National Defense Control Center Mikhail Mizintsev said that the Ukrainian authorities were demanding that nationalist battalions film staged videos about the killings of civilians by the Russian military.

According to him, the battalions are filming videos about “outrages and mass killings of civilians, looting and destruction of social infrastructure” in order to create a negative information background around the Russian military special operation in Ukraine.

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Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk told AFP that 280 people were buried in mass graves after the city returned to Ukrainian military control.

The Russian Defense Ministry assured that the Russian military was not involved in the killings of the civilian population of Bucha, and the published footage was a provocation. The department emphasized that the Russian Armed Forces left the city on March 30, and during the time that it was under the control of Russian troops, “not a single civilian was injured.”

Mayor Buchi recorded a video message as early as March 31, in which he confirmed that there were no Russian troops in the city, but did not mention any local residents killed, the Ministry of Defense indicated.

Later, on April 5, the Russian defense department reported, that the Ukrainian servicemen conducted another staged filming of “civilians who allegedly died from the violent actions of the Russian army.”

According to the military, the shooting was carried out by the servicemen of the 72nd Ukrainian main center of psychological operations on the evening of April 4 in the village of Moshchun , 23km northwest of Kyiv.

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