Thousands of Londoners took to the streets due to the cost of living crisis

Workers, teachers, doctors and other residents of the UK came out to protest in London. They blame the government for the cost-of-living crisis and demand higher wages that have become scarce due to inflation

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of London demanding that the government solve economic problems, BBC reports -C.

The protest was organized by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), which calculated that the level of wages does not keep up with inflation. The workers marched to the parliament and called on the government to raise wages and improve working conditions for public sector employees.

Members of the Union of Teachers (NASUWT) also joined the procession. They complained that their salary does not match the workload, while it is not enough to live on.

In response to the claims, a Treasury Department spokesman said the government is providing financial assistance to 8 million low-income families and helping them pay their electricity bills. The Ministry of Education thanked the teachers for their work and noted that it is working on raising salaries and paying bonuses.

The rally was also attended by representatives of the Communist Party of Great Britain, members of parliament from the Labor Party, follows from the posts on Twitter. They indicated that they had joined the action because the cabinet was letting the British down. According to The Guardian, doctors and railway workers took to the streets.

Due to the worst cost of living crisis in more than 40 years, Britons have come to London from all over the country, the Mirror notes. To do this, they booked more than 100 buses. According to the publication, the protesters chanted the slogans “We demand the best”, “End war, not welfare”, “get rid of fuel shortages, heat houses now”.

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In April, the inflation rate in the UK reached 7.8% per annum, which is 1.6 p.p. more than in March. At the same time, the indicator rose from 1.6% per annum in April last year and became a record for the first time in 30 years.

In May, due to rising inflation, the Bank of Great Britain raised the base interest rate to a maximum in 13 years, from 0.75 to 1% per annum. This was the fourth consecutive rate increase since December 2021. The regulator cited Russia's military operation in Ukraine and concerns about disruption of the supply chain due to the worsening situation with COVID-19 in China as the reasons for inflationary pressure.

,2 p.p., which was the sharpest drop since 2011.

The average earnings of the British excluding bonus payments in April was 3.4% lower than a year earlier. This was the largest drop since the collection of modern statistics began in 2001.

At the same time, statistics showed that, taking into account bonuses, nominal wages in the UK grew over three months: in the private sector— by 8%, in the public sector— by 1.5%.

The median average monthly salary (a level that shows that 50% of jobs are paid below this value and 50% of jobs are paid above) in the UK is £2,076 (145.9 thousand . rubles at the current exchange rate), follows from the data of the National Statistical Service.

Salary also depends on the sector: the lowest salary is for service personnel in the hotel business and the catering sector (median salary in the sector— £1068 or 75 thousand rubles), the highest & mdash; in finance and insurance (£3379 or 237.5 thousand rubles).

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