Estonia will propose restrictions against energy in the seventh package of sanctions

European Foreign Ministers will discuss the composition of the seventh package of sanctions against Russia, restrictions should affect the energy industry, Andres Sutt, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, said before the meeting. The video was published on the website of the European Council.

“We must continue to increase the cost to Russia and support Ukraine through humanitarian and military assistance. To do this, we, of course, must work on the seventh package of sanctions, which should also include energy,— The head of the Estonian Foreign Ministry said.

Sutt is sure that restrictions in the field of energy will have a positive impact on diversification of sources of fossil fuel for the European Union.

At the same time, Poland, with the support of the Baltic countries, will demand a complete ban on the export of European technologies to Russia, Marcin Przydacz, deputy head of the Polish Foreign Ministry, told Welt am Sonntag. According to the diplomat, the measures will affect civilian products that can be used for military purposes,— dual-use goods.

A broad interpretation of this term could impose sanctions on the supply of almost all industrial products, since, in particular, tires or brake systems for a civilian truck can be used for military vehicles, the newspaper writes. The minister also called for “more drastic measures against Russian banks and against Russian propaganda and disinformation channels.”

“The sixth package of sanctions hit Russia hard. But we have not been able to sufficiently weaken Putin and his war machine. Therefore, tougher sanctions are needed,— emphasized the diplomat.

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Since the end of February, the European Union, together with the United States and other countries, introduced a number of restrictive measures against Russia. The EU Council approved the sixth package of sanctions about three weeks ago— At the beginning of June. Among other things, the European Union banned the purchase, import or transfer of crude oil and certain petroleum products from Russia, agreed to disconnect Sberbank, Moscow Credit Bank and Rosselkhozbank from the SWIFT system, suspended broadcasting on the European territory of Rossiya 24, TV Center— International» and RTR Planeta.

The Kremlin considers the sanctions imposed on Russia illegal. President Vladimir Putin called restrictive measures against the country crazy and thoughtless. He said: “The calculation was clear” to overwhelm the Russian economy with a swoop, by destroying business chains, forcibly recalling Western companies from the Russian market, freezing domestic assets, hitting industry and finance, and the standard of living of citizens. According to Putin, “it didn’t work out, it didn’t take place.”


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