French Prime Minister considers the results of the parliamentary elections a threat to the country

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born called the election results unprecedented, in which Macron's coalition loses an absolute majority in the National Assembly. However, she said, it is necessary to respect the results of the vote and “draw conclusions” ” alt=”The French Prime Minister considered the results of the parliamentary elections a threat to the country” />

Elisabeth Born

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born believes that the loss of the coalition of President Emmanuel Macron “Together!” majority of seats in the National Assembly (lower house of parliament) in the second round of elections is a danger to the country.

Bourne called the preliminary results of the vote unprecedented. “This situation represents a risk for our country due to the problems we have to face both nationally and internationally,” — she said (quoted from BFM TV). However, the prime minister pointed out that it is necessary to respect the results of the vote and “draw conclusions.”

She called on the political forces to unite and work to “guarantee stability in France and carry out the necessary reforms,” ​​reports Reuters. In her address, posted on the government's Twitter, Bourne said work “on creating an active majority” will begin on Monday, June 20.

Born, following the results of the second round of elections, was elected as a deputy of the National Assembly from the department of Calvados, reports Le Figaro. She will retain the post of head of government.

According to the French Ministry of the Interior, according to the results of processing 95% of the ballots, the Together! coalition, which includes the Renaissance parties, Macron, the centrist Democratic Movement and centre-right Horizons and “Act”, gaining 38.08% of the vote. In second place— left “New People's Ecological and Social Union” (Nupes) by Jean-Luc Mélenchon— 31.02%, followed by the “National Association” Marine Le Pen with 18.08% of the vote.

According to the results of polls by Elabe, Ifop, OpinionWay and Ipsos, “Together” will receive from 200 to 260 seats in the National Assembly; Nupes— from 149 to 200, and the “National Association” Le Pen— from 75 to 95 mandates. There are 577 seats in the lower house of the French Parliament. To ensure an absolute majority, 289 mandates are needed.

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Deputies of the National Assembly are elected by the majority system, their term of office is five years.

In the first round of elections, which was held June 12, “Together!” and Nupes won about 25.7% of the vote, Macron's coalition gained a slight lead. The turnout was 47.5%, and in the second round— 38.11%.

In the last elections in 2017, Macron's center party Forward, Republic! (La R & eacute; publique en marche/LREM) received 308 seats, and in association with the Democratic Movement party; (Mouvement démocrate) centrist bloc consisted of 350 deputies. However, by the end of the term, 267 deputies remained in the LREM faction.

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