In Ukraine, the commander of the battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Carpathian Sich” died

Oleg Kutsin created a volunteer formation back in 2014, later it became part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a unit. It performed tasks near Kyiv, later it was transferred to the Izyum direction. Oleg Kutsin, Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv said.

“One of the most powerful commanders died on the eastern front— Oleg Kutsin. Founder and long-term leader of the “Legion of Freedom”, commander of the “Carpathian Sich” battalion (49th separate rifle battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine), he was known as a real warrior, respected as a commander and a good person with an indestructible character, — written by Martsinkiv.

The death of Kutsin was confirmed by the former people's deputy of Ukraine, chairman of the Svoboda party; Oleg Tyagnibok, specifying that the commander of the “Carpathian Sich” died in the Izyum direction.

«Karpatskaya Sich» was established in the form of a people's defense organization in 2014. TV channel “Direct” notes that its fighters participated, among other things, in battles near the Donetsk airport. During Russia's military operation in Ukraine, the “Carpathian Sich” performed tasks in Kyiv, the settlements of Irpen, Romanovka, Stoyanka, UNIAN writes. Later she was transferred to the Izyum direction. May 19 “Carpathian Sich” became part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as the 49th separate infantry battalion of the Ground Forces.

Kutsin was also a member of the political council of the Svoboda party, was the head of the Transcarpathian party organization, according to the Espresso TV channel.

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