Because of the Ukrainian attack on the island of Serpents, the question arose of taking Odessa

All missiles and UAVs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed

The Russian military department revealed the details of the operation that the Ukrainian Armed Forces (APU) were preparing against the garrison on Zmeiny Island, as well as the reasons for the strike on Russian drilling platforms in the Black Sea. According to Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, on the night of June 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to land troops on Zmeiny, having previously processed it with artillery and missiles.

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15 reconnaissance and attack drones were involved, including the Turkish Bayraktar TB-2. Obviously, the operation was carried out with the support of NATO forces, since a US Air Force Global Hawk RQ-4 strategic reconnaissance drone was spotted by our air defense near Zmeiny Island.

In addition, Tochka-U ballistic missiles hit the island , multiple rocket launchers “Hurricane” and American 155-mm howitzers M-777. The fire was fired from positions west of Odessa from Kubansky Island.

Anti-aircraft missile and gun systems “Pantsir” and anti-aircraft missile systems “Tor” were involved in the defense of the island. The result of the anti-aircraft battle was that the means of attack were destroyed: 13 drones, 4 Tochka-U missiles, 21 Uragan missiles.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, it was this failure that forced the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack unprotected gas production platforms in the north western part of the Black Sea. They were hit by anti-ship missiles and a Bayraktar TB-2 drone. The BK-1 and Krym-1 platforms were damaged. A strong fire started, threatening an ecological disaster in this area of ​​the Black Sea.

There was a response from the Russian troops. Cruise missiles “Onyx” hit the military airfield “School” near Odessa. Hangars with Bayraktars-TB2 were destroyed there.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Two artillery platoons 155 were also destroyed -mm M-777 howitzers. These guns are supplied to Ukraine by the United States.

As a military expert, captain 1st rank in the reserve, Vladimir Gundarov, told MK, he believes that Ukraine will continue to carry out harassing shelling of Zmeinoye, at the same time, the Ukrainian Navy has no opportunity to conduct a landing operation on the island.

– As for the possible landing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Zmeiny, I strongly doubt it, because just yesterday they delivered 14 more strikes on Odessa, on Ochakovo and, in my opinion, flooded all the remaining Ukrainian floating craft, which were left anyway – the cat cried.

But the shelling, apparently, will continue. Moreover, Ukraine received Harpoon anti-ship missiles from NATO, they are promised long-range multiple launch rocket systems. This is done because the island occupies a strategic position that allows it to control the entire northwestern part of the Black Sea, the coast and the air situation over this region and water area, approaches to Odessa, Nikolaev.

– By and large, yes. But for now, we will have to fight off all these strikes with air defense systems. And this is a rather difficult task, as the story with the same cruiser Moskva shows.


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