Netanyahu announced his intention to lead the new government of Israel

On June 20, Israeli Prime Minister Bennett announced an agreement to dissolve parliament in a week. Former Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed confidence that he will be able to form and lead a new government

Former Israeli Prime Minister, leader of the opposition Likud party Benjamin Netanyahu, after reports of the upcoming dissolution of the Knesset (parliament), expressed confidence that he would be able to form and lead a new government, reports The Times of Israel.

“My comrades and I will create a broad national government, which I will head and which will take care of all Israelis without exception,” — Netanyahu said.

The politician assured that if he returned to the post of prime minister, his government “will reduce taxes, lower prices and lead Israel to the highest achievements and additional peace agreements.”


Netanyahu called “great news for millions of Israelis” announcement of the impending dissolution of the Knesset and the resignation of current Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who will be replaced, under the current coalition agreement, by incumbent Foreign Minister Yair Lapid

“After a year of bitter opposition in the Knesset and serious suffering of the people of Israel, it is clear to everyone that this most unsuccessful government in the history of Israel has come to an end, — concluded the politician.

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Earlier, on June 20, Bennett and Lapid agreed to dissolve the Knesset in a week and transfer the duties of the head of the cabinet to the head of the foreign affairs agency as part of a coalition agreement until the next elections. “We did our best to keep the government. The decision to dissolve Parliament is the right one for Israel,— said Bennett.

The coalition led by the Yamina parties Bennett and Yesh Atid Lapida formed the Cabinet of Ministers following the parliamentary elections on March 23, 2021, after which, on June 13 of the same year, Bennett replaced the leader of the Likud party. Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister, which he has occupied for the past 12 years — since 2009. Thus, in total, Netanyahu was the head of the cabinet for 15 years— a record time in the history of a country that declared independence in 1948.

Israel's parliamentary crisis

According to the results of the elections in April 2019, none of the parties received the necessary majority to form a government, it also failed to form a coalition. Repeat elections in September of the same year gave a similar result. This provoked the next elections in March 2020.

After them, the ruling Likud party has formed a coalition with its main rival in the last three campaigns— block of parties “Kahol-Lavan” (“White and Blue”), which is headed by Benny Gantz. The parties have agreed that they will take turns leading the government and Gantz will succeed Netanyahu as prime minister in November 2021. But then the parliamentarians failed to approve the country's budget for 2021, which led to another dissolution of the parliament and the appointment of new early elections.

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